Rabbi Yoel Kahn

Rabbi Yoel Kahn

Residence: Berkeley
Occupation: Congregational Rabbi (retired)

How would you describe your religious affiliation and/or spiritual background? 

I am an ordained rabbi, affiliated with the Reform movement in Judaism.  

In one word, how would you describe the way you feel about the GTU?


What excites you about being a member of the GTU’s Board of Trustees?

I am a GTU alum, having received  my PhD in 1999. Having been connected to the GTU as a student, community member, and faculty member, I am honored at the opportunity to bring my own experiences to the Board, seeking to bridge the pastoral and academic worlds.

What do you find inspiring about GTU 2.0 and the future of the GTU?

The GTU has always been a place where faith-grounded conversation takes place between people with deep differences in a context of curiosity and respect. The GTU’s commitment to applying this historical practice in wider circles, using the best resources of our contemporary world, is exciting and inspiring. 

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