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General Library Policies

Fall 2020: As the library is closed due to the Shelter-in-place order, we will not be able to offer our usual spaces such as study rooms and lockers.

Please chat us (from this page) or email with questions.

The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) is committed to providing safe facilities and a well-maintained collection for our community of scholars and researchers.  The Conduct Policy enumerates the standards of behavior expected of our patrons to sustain an open and accessible academic environment.


Security Guard

A security guard is available in the evenings for those wanting an escort to their cars or back to their dorms.  Please contact the guard via the Circulation Desk in the Library either in person or by calling 510-649-2500.


Theft in the library... an unfortunate reality.  Please help us take every precaution to ensure the security of your personal belongings: purses, wallets, backpacks, books, portable computers and other electronic devices.

Sleeping in the Library increases the potential for theft of personal items.  For this reason, Library staff will discourage patrons from sleeping.


Help us keep your belongings secure

Here are a few simple steps you can take:

  • Never leave your personal belongings out of your sight.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any unusual activity.
  • Your most valuable items should be marked with your name and driver's license number or other identifying information.
  • Study with a friend or try to study in an area where other students are located.


Use a locker

We have free lockers for GTU students to check out and use. 

  • Lockers are available for use by current students of the GTU and member schools.
  • Access codes for the lockers are valid until the end of the academic school year for PhD students and the end of the semester for all other registered students.   
  • Please remove your belongings before the due date.  After the due date, the lockers will be emptied and the access codes changed.
  • You must bring your access code with you or memorize it.  Library staff is unable to give out access codes after you have checked out the locker.  If you lose your access code, a fee of $10.00 will be applied for changing the code.
  • Lockers are for storing personal belongings only.  This includes library materials that are checked out to you.  Under no circumstances may lockers be used to store library materials that are not checked out to you.  In addition, no food or drinks may be stored in the locker.  With the first violation, the offending items will be removed and a letter of warning will be sent to you.  At the second violation, the access code will be changed and your locker privileges will be suspended until the following semester.

GTU-owned materials left in lockers at the end of the locker loan period will be checked in and re-shelved.

Personal items left in lockers will be held for 30 days and then discarded.

The GTU library reserves the right to search lockers at any time.


Library Technology and Internet Use Policy


Study Rooms

Students may reserve one of two study rooms in the Library.  Each room can accommodate groups; the rooms are keyed for security.

Reservations can be made via: 


Prayer and Meditation Room

This room, located on the main level of the library is non-reservable and open to all GTU students, staff, faculty, and their guests. Please review the Prayer-Meditation Space Guidelines. This room is intended to be for quiet prayer and meditation only, for religious study groups please reserve one of the study rooms. 


Library Bulletin Boards and Digital Display

To advertise your event on the Library's digital display next to the circulation desk please review the Digital Display Policy. To advertise consortial course offerings, calls for papers, calls for presentations, or other events, please give your paper flyer to the circulation staff. They will approve and hang your flyer. 


Steps we take to ensure your safety

Here at the GTU Library, your safety is our concern. 

  • At student orientation each year, we review library safety.
  • Library staff conduct regular walk-throughs of the building.
  • Library staff and circulation assistants have ongoing training in safety and security procedures.


Police Phone Numbers

Berkeley Police Department:
Emergencies only:
   911 or 510-981-5911 from cell phone

The Library will not under any circumstances take responsibility for theft, damage or loss of property.


Food & Drink policies

  • Food is not allowed in the library. Please enjoy all food outside on our patio. 
  • Drinks are only allowed in covered sealable containers, such as in a travel mug or water bottle. Containers such as open ceramic mugs, glasses, cans, and disposable paper coffee cups are not allowed.