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Food is not allowed in any of our rooms, but covered, spill-proof beverage containers are okay. 

Seminar Rooms A & B can be reserved when not in use by a class.

Reservable Seminar Rooms for group study

Library Seminar Rooms are located on the first floor of the Hewlett building. GTU and member school students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars can reserve group study rooms in two-hour blocks, 30 days in advance. To reserve please use the button below. Collaborative Tables 1 and 2 are also only reservable by the GTU and consortial community. These two oak tables are located in the northwest corner of the library. 

Need help? Email or chat a librarian. 

General Rules

Beverages in sealed travel containers are allowed. Food is not allowed.

Reservations are forfeited if the party fails to arrive or contact the library within 30 minutes, as we will release the room to walk-in use.

You are responsible for picking up the key from the circulation staff, leaving the room in the clean condition it was in, turning everything off, ensuring the room is locked at the end of the session, and returning key to a circulation staff member.

The keys will be checked out on your library card. Late fees apply, so please return on time. Failure to repeatedly return the keys in a timely manner, could result in large fines or a block on your account. If your reservation is near closing time, please return the key 20 minutes before the library closes so it can be checked in.

Repeated failure to observe these policies may result in a suspension of room use privileges

Other A-V Equipment in the library

TV with DVD/VHS Player

DVDs and VHS tapes owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve may be watched with headphones at the Media Viewing Station. Ask at the reference desk to use this equipment, and bring your own headphones (wired headphones, the machine does not work with wireless headphones). First come, first serve. 

Slide Viewer/Projector

Slides owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve can view slides with a view box, which projects the image to a small screen.  The view box can also project images to an external projection screen. Available via the reference desk. 

Record (LP) Player and Tape Player

Records (LP) and tapes owned by the GTU library and instructor-owned media placed on course reserve may be played on the record (LP) and tape players. Available via the reference desk. 

Additional Rooms

Lactation Room

Seminar A also serves as clean, comfortable, safe, and private space for breastfeeding parents to pump or nurse. A sink and changing table is located nearby in the restroom. The library does not provide refrigeration, sealed containers or any other equipment. Reserve in advance or check availability of the room and ask at the desk for the key.

Reserve a Room at the SFTS Library

There are 2 types of rooms available in Geneva Hall at the San Francisco Theological Seminary Library in San Anselmo, CA: 

Spiritual Direction Rooms: There are 3 rooms available for spiritual directors to meet with their clients. These have a couple of chairs for meeting one-on-one.

Feminist Reading Room: This room is great for 4-5 people to meet and hold a discussion or conversation. There are comfortable chairs, a heater, and a free lending library of various feminist texts.