Berkeley and the Bay Area

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Berkeley is an exciting place, with much to offer. These two links provide a full range of information

Daily Newspapers

The major East Bay paper is the Oakland Tribune, which usually has quite a few Oakland rentals and some Berkeley and other East Bay rentals as well.

The San Francisco paper serves the entire Bay Area. The San Francisco Chronicle has East Bay rental listings, though usually fewer than the more local papers.

The West County Times lists vacancies in Richmond and El Cerrito, as well as cities east of Berkeley (Walnut Creek, Concord, etc.).

The Daily Californian, the UC Berkeley student paper, also has some listings. The paper is only published Monday through Friday.

Local/Regional Newspapers

The East Bay Express gives a good introduction to the East Bay, and lists apartment and housing rentals in Berkeley and Oakland, as well as shared housing. It is issued on Thursday evenings, and is free. The Express can be found almost anywhere other papers are sold, as well as in many Berkeley grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, and the dispenser on Euclid Ave, just east of the GTU.

The Berkeley Voice is published on Thursdays and lists Berkeley area rentals. It can be purchased out of machines all around town, including a machine on Euclid Avenue near the GTU.

The Montclarion is issued on Tuesdays, costs very little, and has good listings. They do go very quickly. The paper can be purchased at most newsstands, including the dispenser on Euclid Avenue.

Neighborhood Guide


  • South Berkeley: primarily residential, filled with small houses and apartments; car/bus commute to GTU.
  • West Berkeley: industrial with pockets of small houses and apartment buildings; car/bus commute to GTU.
  • North Berkeley: just below the hills, upscale, north Shattuck restaurants, with some apartment buildings and small houses to rent. This area is sometimes a bit more expensive than elsewhere in the Flats. A stone's throw, in terms of walking distance from the GTU.
  • "The Hills": Beautiful views, winding streets, with rents as steep as the incline up! There is a rare room to be had for rent at reduced rates - in exchange for cleaning or baby-sitting. Such listings occasionally appear in the GTU Housing Binder on the 3rd floor of 2465 LeConte.


  • Lake Merritt: Lots of apartment buildings surround this lakeside area of Oakland, about 6 miles from the GTU. Many GTU students have had good success finding apartments here. There is a BART station here from which to make an easy commute to Berkeley.
  • Rockridge: So close to Berkeley it feels like part of Berkeley. Bus/Car/Biking distance from GTU. Many GTU students find apartments; there are also bungalow & cottage rental opportunities.
  • Montclair: Quite pricey, though an in-law-suite, on a very rare occasion, becomes available. Access to public transportation is somewhat problematic here.
  • Piedmont: An area more affluent, perhaps, than Montclair, though there are some apartments near Piedmont which are nice and affordable. Snatch up one of these if you find it! Piedmont is just a few miles from GTU, and public transportation by bus is available.


A quaint little community next to Berkeley, about a 10 minute drive from the GTU; bus transportation is available. Bungalows, cottages, and apartment buildings provide GTU students with a great location in a lovely setting. (Word is that the local schools are great here, for those with children).

El Cerrito

Lower rents and a large number of apartments are found in El Cerrito, 4.3 miles from Berkeley, and a 20 minute drive, bike or BART ride. Largely a residential area, many GTU students have had success seeking housing here.


The most inexpensive rentals in the East Bay, yet the housing near the oil refineries is not desirable. There are quaint residential neighborhoods in Richmond, however, so it is worth exploring for a house or apartment to rent. Neighborhood possibilities include the Point Richmond area, North and East Richmond, and "The Annex." Richmond is 7.4 miles from Berkeley, on the BART line; a 25 minute drive to GTU.


Closest thing to a small town in the East Bay! Tree-lined streets, Victorian homes and cottages, 6 miles of beach on the Bay, beautiful views and many parks... Alameda is an island, separated from Oakland by an estuary, located 9.7 miles from Berkeley. It can be as quick as a 20 minute drive or 40 minutes, depending on traffic. Accessible to the GTU by BART and bus. A number of GTU students have had great success finding apartments here that are converted naval officer's housing - due to the closure of the Navy base on Alameda. Recent word indicates quite a waiting list for these units, yet there are other rentals available on the island. Try, for example, looking at those on Shoreline Drive.

San Francisco

In addition, even though it is across the bay (and the Bay Bridge) many San Francisco neigborhoods are accessible by public transportation (BART and Bus) and GTU students and staff take advantage of this opportunity.

Marin County

Marin County, across the bay (and the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge) is also within commuting distance. Communities include San Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax.