Internet Stations

  • Four workstations are available in the library for general use (email, browsing, research, word processing).
  • Additional station is for scanning only. We recommend bringing a USB flash drive to store your scans. Email is also available, but high quality scans may exceed the email size limit to send.

Internet Access and Acceptable Use Policy

The priority for use of Internet workstations is research in religion and theology, and work on class-related assignments. Users of the Internet workstations in the library are expected to follow the guidelines given below.

Please note:

  • Web pages and PDF files can be viewed and printed. The printing charge is 5 cents per page. Please pay at the Circulation Desk.
  • Computers do not have speakers, if you would like to listen to audio, please bring your own headphones. 

Appropriate Use

  • Game playing is not allowed when people are waiting to use the stations.
  • Display of sexually explicit graphics is prohibited.
  • Violating any local, state, or federal statute is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials is prohibited.
  • Interfering with or disrupting other services or equipment is prohibited.


  • Deliberate altering of any files or modifying the configuration of any PC or peripheral is considered a violation of computer system security and will result in the loss of library computer privileges, with possible legal ramifications.
  • Violating computer system or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security, obtain passwords, or the unauthorized use of passwords will result in the loss of library computer privileges, with possible legal ramifications.
  • Destruction or damage of equipment due to willful misuse will result in legal action.
  • Willful removal of any part of the PC will be considered theft and will result in legal action.

Users who do not leave the workstation when requested to do so by staff will be asked to leave the library.
The Library reserves the right to terminate the Internet access privileges and/or library use privileges of any person abusing the above guidelines.

Wireless Internet

Please visit the circulation or reference desk to obtain the current password. 


Copying and Printing

The Library has a top down book scanner, xerox photocopier, and other audio/visual equipment for patron use.

The xerox photocopier accepts cash and copy cards, which can only be purchased at the vending machine on Level 2. The card is reusable and additional funds may be added to the card. The card itself costs $1; additional funds must be added beyond that initial $1 in order to pay for copies. Patrons are responsible for their cards and any "bad copies" they make.

The top-down book scanner creates PDFs and it is free. You can email the PDF to yourself or save it to a flash drive.

Please report any photocopier problems to the Circulation Desk.