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For more than 60 years, the GTU has offered the educational foundation, practical training, connections, and opportunities its students need to embark upon career paths that are making a meaningful impact on the world. 

Our scholars have gone on to pursue leadership roles within a wide array of professional, religious, and service organizations — invaluable work that is transforming the world as we know it. 

We invite you to learn more about how our alums are making their mark in communities around the world.

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Stories of Transformative Impact

Learn about the transformative impact being made by GTU alums around the world.

Leading Industries for GTU Grads

  • Higher Education: 41.5%
  • Health Care: 9%
  • Education Management: 8%
  • Religious Institutions: 7%
  • Non-profit Organizations: 7%
  • Technology: 7%
  • Communications, Marketing, or Media: 6%
  • Government: 5%


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Leading Institutional Types for GTU Grads

  • Educational Institution: 36.8%
  • Non-profit: 31.58%
  • Privately held: 14.7%
  • Public company: 8.4%
  • Government agency: 4.2%
  • Self-owned: 3.1%


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Alumni in Activism: Dr. González-Andrieu

  • PhD 2007
  • GTU’s 2020 Alumna of the Year
  • Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University
  • Leading scholar of theological aesthetics, and an advocate for issues of Latinx Theology, immigration, and educational justice

“My life at the GTU prepared and formed me for my work after graduation,” Dr. González-Andrieu said. “First, of course was the extraordinary and challenging learning, which made me comfortable with the feeling that the more I learned the more I realized I knew very little. This humility is necessary for any scholar, it keeps us curious, open and engaged. Second, was the experiences as a teaching assistant and academic advisor, which allowed my faculty mentors to steer me into the practical realities of grading, helping students and course dynamics. Third, was the opportunity to serve, on campus committees and conferences, in the local parish, and on social justice initiatives.” 

"The 6 things vulnerable immigrants need you to hear"
In her reflection, 2020 GTU Alumna of the Year Dr. Cecilia González-Andrieu urges us to consider the most vulnerable members of our population when envisioning a better future. Watch her video reflection by clicking here.

2020 GTU Alumna of the Year
In this GTU News article we explore the exceptional impact Dr. Cecilia González-Andrieu is making as an educator and activist.

Alumni in Academia: Dr. Debra Mumford

  • PhD 2007
  • GTU's 2019 Alumna of the Year
  • Dean of Louisville Seminary
  • Frank H. Caldwell Professor of Homiletics
  • Director of the Money Matters for Ministry Program
  • Scholarly interests include African American prophetic preaching, prosperity preaching, eschatology and the reign of God, and preaching and health

“The GTU helped me learn to think critically about the Bible, my faith, and the world in general. . . . As a result, I take every opportunity to teach others to challenge the status quo and transgress any boundaries that seek to oppress or marginalize.”

"Practicing What We Preach"
In her reflection, Dr. Debra Mumford explains how her insitution is working to practice what it preaches by mandating that students are taught to understand, critique, confront and dismantle the many structures that uphold white supremacy. Watch her video reflection by clicking here.

2019 GTU Alumna of the Year
In this GTU News article we explore the institutional and academic impact Dr. Debra Mumford is making at Louisville Seminary and beyond.

Alumni in Non-Profit: Dr. Michael Sepidoza Campos

  • PhD 2011
  • Associate Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Education, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
  • Scholar of the intersection of Filipino-American diaspora, postcolonial theory, queer theory, and critical pedagogy

At the Graduate Theological Union, I learned to entwine body, identity, and place with the rigors of theological work. 

"Transgressive Conversations"
In this reflection, Dr. Michael Sepidoza Campos reflects on transgressing theory to engage lived reality in order to love. Watch his video reflection by clicking here.

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