Consortial Registration Policies

The schools of the GTU function with individual registration systems governed by a set of common policies and procedures. Within these policies, each school retains some flexibility to meet the various needs of their own academic programs. The policies common among the schools are presented below. Any variation from a common policy is listed by school under the particular policy. Questions about these policies should be directed to the Registrar of the student’s school of enrollment.

Late Registration

The deadline for late registration is the end of the second week of instruction, and is subject to a penalty fee set by the student’s school. No registrations will be accepted after the second week except upon petition by the student to their dean.

BST   Fee: $100 GTU Fee: $50 PLTS Fee: $100  
CDSP Fee: $110 IBS Fee: $100 PSR Fee:$50  
DSPT Fee: $100 JST Fee: $100 SFTS Fee: $100  


Changes of Enrollment

Changes of enrollment (adding a class, dropping a class, or changing the grading option or units) from General Registration through Late Registration are done within each school's registration system.  After Late Registration (the end of the second week of instruction) all changes require the use of the paper "Change of Enrollment" forms.  On the form students must obtain the signatures of the instructor offering the course, their Dean, and their Business Office, and may be assessed a fee set by each school for each change.  No change in enrollment will be permitted after the tenth week of the term, except under circumstances approved by the Dean or an appropriate committee of the student’s school.

BST: See current BST fee schedule and Policy and Procedures manual.

CDSP: Fee of $60 is charged for each change of enrollment.  Dean and Business office signatures not required.  After the tenth week petition to C&E committee required, including approval of the student’s advisor. 

DSPT: Fee of $50 is charged for each change of enrollment.

GTU: Fee of $50 is charged for each  change of enrollment.  PAOI is $20. Business Office signature not required. 

JST: Fee of $50 is charged for each change of enrollment.

PLTS: Fee of $50 is charged for each change of enrollment.

PSR:  Assistant Dean's signature (in lieu of Dean's signature) not required until after the 10th week of classes.

SFTS: Fee of $50 is charged for each change of enrollment.  Substantive changes require the approval of the Dean.


Students are responsible for finishing their work within the term. In order to take an incomplete, they must submit a completed petition for an incomplete to their registrar before the last day of the term. Incomplete work is due to the instructor three weeks after the term. The instructor is required to submit a new grade by the 6th Friday after the end of the term. The incomplete grade becomes an “F” if no new grade is received by the end of the 6th week.

BST: See BST Satisfactory Academic Progress statement.

CDSP: See statement above.

DSPT: If the work is not made up by the 3rd Friday after the term, the faculty may: (1) assign a letter grade based upon the work that has been completed; (2) assign a letter grade of “F;” or (3) allow the “I” notation to remain on the transcript.

GTU: Permanent incompletes are not permitted. Uncompleted courses will be converted to a grade of "F".

IBS: Petitions for Incomplete must be filed by the last day of instruction.

PLTS: The incomplete remains on transcript and is followed by the grade of "F" if not completed.

PSR: Each program manual stipulates a maximum number of Incompletes a student can take. MDIV students are allowed a total of 5 Incompletes. All other programs allow for 3. No Incompletes will be given after the maximum number has been reached. Students who do not submit their work within the 3 weeks allotted by the Incomplete will be graded only on the work submitted during the semester.

SFTS: Extension of incomplete beyond the 3rd week after the end of the term requires the approval of the Dean, otherwise “I” becomes “F.”


Grades of F/Fail remain on the student’s transcript.

BST: Course must be retaken if it is a required course.

CDSP: If course is required for degree, student may fulfill the requirement by other means. If repeated, course and grade are recorded as new course, and original listing remains.

DSPT: If the course is required for a degree program, the student may repeat the course; however, both the failed course and “F” grade and the repeated course and its grade are listed on the transcript. For serious reasons, students who receive an “F” grade may petition the Instructor to have that grade changed. If the Instructor agrees, then the student must also petition the Executive Committee of the school for final approval. Such petitions are considered extraordinary to grading policy.

GTU: Grades of F/Fail remain on the student’s transcript.

JST: When a course is retaken, the original and new grade will both appear on the transcript, and will both figure into the cumulative GPA.

PLTS: If course is required, student may meet the requirement by suitable means with permission of the instructor. The appropriate grade is then recorded separately.

PSR: A course may be repeated once if a failing grade was received (D or F). Upon satisfactorily repeating the course, the first course’s grade will remain on the transcript but will no longer affect the overall GPA. The only course that will be factored into the GPA will be the repeated course.

SFTS: Course must be retaken if it is a required course.


Audits are posted to the student’s transcript.

BST: Permission of the instructor is required. See current BST fee schedule and auditor policy.

CDSP: Audited courses included on transcript if student registers for course.

DSPT: Permission of the instructor is required. Fee is full tuition per course unless the audit is taken along with 12 units of credit for a given term.

GTU: Students carrying a full-time load (12 units) may audit one class per term at no additional cost. Additional audits accrue regular per-credit tuition.

IBS: Audits are not included on transcripts.

JST: Permission of the instructor is required. Students must register for an audit. Fee is full tuition per course.

PLTS: Audited courses included on transcript if student registers for course.

PSR: Fee is generally ½ tuition per course.

SFTS: Permission of the instructor is required. See current SFTS fee schedule and auditor policy.