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Classroom Locations

Courses are taught in the classrooms of the various schools of the consortium. Please note that courses do not always meet in the buildings of the school sponsoring the course. The course schedule uses the following codes:

  • BST (formerly ABSW) - 2606 Dwight Way, Berkeley
  • CDSP - 2451 Ridge Road, Berkeley
  • DSPT - 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley
  • FLHL - Flora Lamson Hewlett Library at 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley (includes Conference Room and Collaborative Learning Space)
  • GTU -  DEAN: GTU Dean's Office on the 3rd floor of the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, 2400 Ridge Road; HEDCO: 2nd floor seminar room at 2465 LeConte Avenue, Berkeley
  • HOLBROOK - PSR classroom building at 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley
  • IBS - 2140 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
  • ISS - Institute of Salesian Studies at 1831 Arch, Berkeley
  • JST - 1735 LeRoy Avenue, Berkeley
  • PAOI - 2311 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley
  • PLTS - 2000 Center Street, Berkeley
  • PSR - Rooms in the PSR Chapel & Administration building
  • SFTS - 105 Seminary Road, San Anselmo
  • SKSM - 2441 LeConte Avenue, Berkeley

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