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CJS - Scholarships & Awards

CJS students in the Master of Arts and Doctoral programs are eligible for a range of generous financial aid packages and fellowships.

Newhall Teaching and Research Fellowship. This program provides doctoral students with the opportunity to work with core faculty to develop and teach new courses and lead research.

Presidential Scholars Program. Provides doctoral students with full tuition and is merit-based.

Jewish Community Fellowship is available to Jewish educators and community professionals through the Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, providing full tuition for a single course in Jewish Studies at the GTU. Participants in the fellowship will become part of a cohort of students exploring the intersection of critical studies and Jewish communal endeavors. In addition to the course for credit, fellows participate in a two-day workshop on Jewish education led by senior faculty in the field.

The Taube Travel and Research Grant is designated for intensive study and research in the languages, history and culture of East European Jews, during the summer.

The ICP Jewish Studies Fellowship, made possible through the generous donation of The Taube Foundation, offers a scholarship that provides tuition support for courses in the Certificate in Interreligious Chaplaincy for students affiliated with the Center for Jewish Studies.

Madrasa-Midrasha Interreligious Research Grant, made possible through The Walter & Elise Haas Foundation, provides research grants for GTU students working on interreligious projects related to Judaism and/or Islam.