Faculty Experts

The GTU brings together scholars of the world’s great religions and wisdom traditions. Our faculty experts support intensive scholarly inquiry and deep personal engagement with a variety of fields. Please click on one of the categories below to find a complete list of GTU faculty experts in your desired area.

Areas of Expertise

Arts and Religion

Our scholars offer robust expertise at the intersection between world religions and the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and literature. 

Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Our experts engage in cutting-edge research and projects that operate at the intersection of Sustainability Studies and religion within pluralist contexts. 

History and Culture of Religion and Spirituality

Our faculty represent a depth and breadth of expertise on religious and spiritual practices, culture, and beliefs, from ancient times to the present. 

Interreligious Dialogue

Our scholars examine the distinct theologies, practices, and ethics of different religions in conversation with one another.

Leadership and Ethics

Our scholar-innovators have extensive expertise on the increasing importance of ethics for leadership in for-profit and non-profit organizations, agencies, and corporations, as well as the development of ethics and social theory. 

Politics and Religion

Our faculty offer a wealth of expertise on the complex entanglement of politics and religion in our time and its historical formation.

Religion and Feminism

Our faculty offer a depth of expertise on women's issues and concerns, as well as the innovative work contributed by female faculty in theological and religious disciplines.

Religion and Society

Our faculty offer expertise on the place of religion, spirituality, and theology in society and everyday life, across the world’s sacred traditions.

Spiritual Care, Contemplative Practices, and Ritual

Our experts foster interdisciplinary studies of the diverse contemplative practices of faith practitioners and communities, inclusive of the meaning and challenges of contemporary spiritual care across traditional and non-traditional contexts.