McCoy Memorial Lecture on Religion, Ethics, and Public Life

About Charles S. McCoy

Dr. McCoy (1923-2002) served for 33 years as the Robert Gordon Sproul Professor of Theological Ethics at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley before he retired in 1992. In addition to a long and distinguished career as an internationally recognized theologian and ethicist, he was instrumental in the creation of the Graduate Theological Union and its Center for Ethics and Social Policy. A graduate of Yale University and an ordained United Methodist pastor, McCoy authored many books and articles and served as a scholar, activist, and teacher.

Dr. McCoy believed that there not only needed to be a constant dialogue between theology and ethics, but that the dialogue had to be equally informed by the insights of public policy. His goal was to create a theology and ethics that spoke to the issues of the day.

David BatstoneApril 26, 2011
The Modern-Day Abolitionist Movement: What Smart Activists are doing to Re-Abolish Slavery
David Batstone (Ph.D. '89)
President of Not For Sale Campaign against slavery; professor, University of San Francisco; founder of Right Reality, a social venture firm; author of Not For Sale
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Margaret McLeanApril 27, 2010
The Death of "Death Panels": Reforming End-of-Life Decision Making
Dr. Margaret R. McLean
Associate Director and Director of Bioethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
Director of O'Connor Hospital's Applied Ethics Center

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Michael KrasnyMay 4, 2009
Religion, Ethics, and Media
Michael Krasny
Host of KQED-FM
Professor of English at San Francisco State University

Dr. James A. Donahue
President and Professor of Ethics at the Graduate Theological Union

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April 29, 2008
Living Into Leadership
Bowen H. “Buzz” McCoy
Author of Living Into Leadership
April 16, 2007
Religion and Power
Robert Bellah
Elliott Professor of Sociology Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

April 10, 2006
Punishment and Redemption: The Death Penalty in America
Dr. Judith Kay
Author of
Murdering Myths: The Story Behind the Death Penalty

Elisabeth Semel
Clinical professor of law and director of the Death Penalty Clinic at
the Boalt School of Law

University of California, Berkeley

Imam Warith Deen MohammedApril 12, 2005
Islam and Dialogue with Other Religions
Imam Warith Deen Mohammed
Leader of Nation of Islam/American Society of Muslims
April 2004
Leadership and Ethics in an Age of Globalization
Philip A. Marineau
President and Chief Executive Officer for Levi Strauss & Co.