International Student Applications

The GTU encourages international students to apply to the Master’s and Doctoral programs. 15% of our students are international, representing 20 countries from around the world.

Completing the Application

MA and Doctoral students submit the standard applications available from the GTU. A few items to note follow:

  • TOEFL or GRE Scores
    International students from a country in which English is not the official language may submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test (IELTS) from within the past two years. Official scores from TOEFL or IELTS test services must be sent to the Admissions office. 
  • Official Transcripts
    Applicants must submit official records from each academic institution attended after secondary school. Official transcripts are sealed, unopened documents issued by the institution which bear the actual signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution. Institutions can also send official transcripts directly to the GTU's Admissions Office at Photocopies of the official’s signature, stamp or seal are not acceptable. If an applicant is currently enrolled in a program, an in-progress transcript showing work to-date needs to be submitted. 

    Submit official academic records in the original language, accompanied by English translations. Academic records must show the dates of your enrollment, all subjects or courses, units, credits or hours, and grades in each subject. All records must include a complete description of institutional grading scales or other standards of evaluation, and show official evidence of the conferral of degrees.

  • Letters of Recommendation
    Three academic letters of recommendation are required. The recommender should complete the GTU form that will be sent to them via email when you complete your online application or can be downloaded here

Student Visa Status
The GTU is authorized to provide students with the I-20 document necessary to obtain an F-1 student visa. To obtain the I-20 a student must document sufficient financial resources ($20,367US in addition to tuition) to support study at the GTU. M.A. students and doctoral students work with the GTU to obtain the I-20. Once a student receives the I-20, he or she goes to the U.S. Consulate office in his or her home country to apply for the F-1 student visa.

Modern Language Program Requirements
Once enrolled, international students may certify English as one of their foreign languages to meet the modern foreign language requirement. A student can certify in English with a score of 90 (internet based) 250 (computer-based) or 600 (paper-based) or better on the TOEFL exam. A student may also submit a term paper of at least 20 pages in length written for a GTU course, along with a written evaluation of the student’s written and spoken English language abilities by the faculty member who taught the GTU course.