Use of the Archives

Collections in the GTU Archives are open to researchers whether faculty, student, or interested individual unless restrictions are placed by the donor or the GTU Administration to protect privacy or confidentiality.

We do request that you provide us with at least two days advance notice (preferably longer) of your visit by emailing GTU Archives in order for us to meet your research needs. Without advance notice, we are unable to fulfill your request for materials on the same day and you would have to return on another day. Please indicate the collection and which boxes/folders you would like to view.

Finding aids to the collections are listed on Online Archive of California (OAC).  Printed copies of the finding aids are available at the reference desk. Most can also be accessed through the catalog record in Grace. You can use the following form to search our finding aids on OAC:


To explore our online exhibits and digital materials, start by visiting our Digital Content page.

Researchers may view materials from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Please email GTU Archives two days in advance of the day you will be visiting. Researchers are required to complete a Research Request Form and adhere to the Regulations for Use of the Archives. Photocopying may be done for individual research purposes only. Digital cameras may be carefully used with materials from most collections. 

Location and Hours

The Archives are located in the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library of the Graduate Theological Union and staffed by David Stiver,  Special Collections Librarian.

Graduate Theological Union Archives
2400 Ridge Road
Berkeley, California 94709
(510) 649-2523
FAX: (510) 649-2508
E-mail: GTU Archives

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Researchers in-house may make photocopies of material for individual research purposes only, $.25 per page.  Copying of fragile, overly brittle, or faded material is not allowed.

Digital Cameras and Scanners

Use of a digital camera or scanner to capture images or documents is allowed for most collections. Please check with the archivist for approval and guidelines.


Offsite Service Fees

Fees may be charged for the following services. Prepayment is required in the form of a check (to Graduate Theological Union). Turnaround time is normally within 7 days.  The total number of copies or scans may be limited due to staff resources.  Some material will not be copied due to material fragility or donor restrictions.

Service Fee    

Research request by mail, telephone, fax, or email. First 30 minutes free; charges assessed by the half hour up to a maximum of one hour.  Due to staff limitations, the department is unable to conduct research over one hour.


Photocopying, scanning, or duplication transaction fee per request (does not include separate charge of cost per copy or scan.)



Photocopying from printed works, cost per page


$0.25 (letter)
$0.50 (11 x 17)
Photocopying from manuscript materials, cost per page


$1.50 (11 x 17)
Photocopying of printed works and manuscript materials, larger than 11 x 17 inches. Determined by size



Scanning text or print materials, standard letter or A4 size,  provided as PDF, cost per page


Scanning photographic or printed images, low resolution for web or email (72 ppi,  jpeg), per scan
$15.00 (8 x 10)
$25.00 (11x17)
Scanning photographic or printed images, high resolution for print (600 ppi, tiff), per scan
Scanning of larger materials require an additional charge, cost per scan Determined by


Audio Visual Duplication

If already digitally converted, for sound media (mp3), per CD
If already digitally converted, for moving picture media (avi), per DVD $25.00
If conversion from video tape or audio tape is required, per hour


Standard fees are subject to a higher rate depending on duplicating complications of various media.  Staff will negotiate higher fee as needed. Determined by recording


Postage Service Fee

1 to 50 copies or 1 to 3 CD's or DVD's         $5.00
51 to 100 copies $10.00
101 to 300 copies


Researcher requests a photocopy of a letter by Thomas Starr King. The charge is:
Service Fee: $25.00
Photocopying: $1.00 (4 pages x $0.25)
Postage: $5.00
Total: $31.00


If a donor has placed restrictions on donated materials, those restrictions will be observed. Collection guides will designate restrictions, if any.

GTU Institutional records are closed from public use for 25 years from the date of creation. Certain records are open prior to that time if they do not contain private or confidential material. All student records are closed from public use for 75 years from the date of creation.

Rights and Permissions

Researchers must obtain permission in advance from Graduate Theological Union in order to publish material from any archival or special collection that is beyond Fair Use guidelines and by means of extensive quotation.

The GTU does not hold copyright to all the material in the collections. Use of materials may require the approval of the donors, their estates, or another person or organization. In these cases, the researcher must independently obtain any necessary permission from the copyright holder.

Here are the guidelines:


  1. Permission requests are submitted in writing or by email.
  2. For published materials, include the title of the item, the call number or collection, and the page number.
  3. For manuscript or archival materials, include the collection name, the collection call number, and box and folder number in which the material is located. Add other clarifying information in order to clearly identify the item or items.
  4. Indicate how the material is to be used:
  5. a.    Type of publication
    b.    Proposed title
    c.    Publisher's name
    d.    Projected date of publication
    e.    Description of publication, such as academic or commercial.

Please direct copyright requests in writing to the following address:

Archives and Special Collections
Attn: David Stiver
Graduate Theological Union
2400 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

In addition, the citation in the publication should clearly indicate the collection and Graduate Theological Union. Permission does not grant exclusive publication rights. Publication of substantial portions of an item may be subject to additional fees.

Permission to Publish Text (Quotations)

Type of Use   Cost
Thesis or dissertation   no fee
University presses or not for
profit publishers
  no fee
Commercial publishers, broadcasters and
commercially financed users


Permission to Use Images

Type of Use   Cost
Thesis or dissertation   no fee
University presses or not for
profit publishers
  $32.00 per image
Commercial publishers, broadcasters and
commercially financed users
  $75.00 per image


Permission to Perform (Dance or Play)

Type of Use   Cost
School, church or non-profit event   no fee
Event where admission is charged or
conducted for commercial purposes