Interreligious Studies Certificate

Certificate in Interreligious Studies

A 10-Month Online Program for Professional Development

The Certificate in Interreligious Studies is the first fully online program offered by the GTU. Building on the GTU’s long-established leadership in interreligious scholarship, this program is tailored to meet the needs of today’s working professionals across a variety of sectors in the business and nonprofit arenas. Leaders in these fields recognize that today’s increasingly diverse workplace environment—and the global culture at large—requires new approaches to cultivating sensitivity and inclusive practices as well as forward-thinking strategies that effectively incorporate multiple perspectives.

The 10-month program is comprised of five 7-week long courses for 1.5 credits each (7.5 credits total), all administered asynchronously and fully online. Each course is taken one-by-one and the full program completed in only 10 months. Specific courses will include emphases on Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity, as well as options for pursuing multi-religious dimensions of the arts and the natural sciences.

Projected Course Schedule for Interreligious Studies Certificate (2020-2021)

Fall Semester 2020                
Weeks 1-7: Judaism
Weeks 9-15: Islam

Spring Semester 2021
Weeks 1-7: Religion and the Arts or Religion and the Natural Sciences
Weeks 9-15: Hinduism

Summer 2021

Program Cost: Per Credit: $500 | Total: $3750

Contact to discover how you can become part of the first cohort beginning this program in Fall 2020.

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