Library/ID cards

To enter the GTU library building and obtain UCB library privileges, the GTU issues a Photo ID card to students and faculty located in the Bay Area. This card is also your library card when checking out physical items.

You do not need a library card to access online library resources, such as ebooks and databases. Your student ID number and a PIN (that you set up) will give you access.

Chat a librarian from the library homepage if you have questions about library access or need help with research.

Obtaining a New Card

Residential Students: Cards are issued via your registrar, typically at the start of the semester. After that, a student must make an appointment at to have the card created.  Note that cards can only be made once the school registrar has transmitted data to Moodle and the library.

After the card has been created and the student has registered for classes, the student can visit the library circulation desk to have the barcode affixed to it, or it will be provided upon checkout of the first book.  Proof of current semester registration is required to obtain borrowing privileges at UCB (visit the privileges desk at the Doe Library).

Distance Students:  Unless necessary, cards are not issued to distance students, as they can access online library resources using the student ID number.  If a card is required, it will be made and sent to the school’s registrar, who is responsible for mailing the card to the student.

Regular Faculty: The faculty member must ask the dean or registrar to make an appointment at to have the card created.

Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Scholars: These individuals normally receive a paper ID card from the dean or registrar.  If a photo ID is desired, the person must ask the dean, registrar or supervisor to make an appointment at to have the card created.

Community patrons, ALTA reciprocal borrowers, UCB:  All will have paper card made at library.  Patrons will provide proof of status when they contact the library.

Continuing Students

Once a student has registered for the new term, the data is transmitted to the library, which renews the card.  Students will need to present proof of registration in order to have UCB library privileges renewed.

Lost and Stolen ID Cards

For individuals with a photo ID card, contact to have a replacement made. A $25 card-creation fee will be assessed.

General Guidelines about Cards

  • The card is primarily to identify the individual as a student.  Having another role in the consortium (staff, adjunct faculty) does not entitle the individual to a new card.
  • The individual’s legal name must be on the card (preferred name may appear in parentheses).  This is because student ID cards can serve as an I-9 acceptable document for identity to verify employment eligibility.
  • A student who changes schools within the consortium (and thus receives a new student ID number) is entitled to a new card with no charge.