Library/ID cards

To officially identify you as a GTU student and to receive GTU and UCB library privileges, the GTU issues an Library/ID card to every student.

For New Students

During orientation, your photograph will be taken and your card will be produced. If you are unable to attend orientation, please contact the GTU Consortial Registrar's Office ( or 510/649-2462) to set up an appointment to have your photograph taken.

Once you have received your card, it will need to be validated with a current sticker. To obtain the validation sticker, you must first register for your courses. After you have registered, print a copy of your class schedule and take it to the appropriate location for validation:

  • PhD/ThD, CJS MA & Cert., GTU special students: GTU Office Manager or GTU Registrar's Office
  • GTU Common MA: Registrar at your School of Affiliation
  • Other Consortial Master's, Certificate, and Special Students: your registrar

Once you have registered for classes, you will be able to use library resources by using your student ID number, or the library barcode you will receive the first time you check-out books. A current semester sticker is required to obtain a UCB library card, available from the Privileges Desk at the Doe Library.  

**NOTE: Students entering a new program or changing their School of Affiliation will need a new ID/Library card.

For Continuing Students

Each semester you are enrolled, you will need to receive a new validation sticker. To obtain this sticker, you must first register for your classes. Once you have registered, bring you class schedule and your card to the appropriate location (see above). Once you have your new sticker, take your card to the library to update your library record.

Lost and Stolen ID Cards

  • If you have a photo ID card (all PhD students and incoming students beginning 2009-2010 in all consortial programs), please contact the GTU Consortial Registrar's Office to arrange for a new card (jseal@gtu.eduor 510/649-2462).
  • For students currently using a non-photo ID, please contact your registrar for a replacement card.