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You have a purpose like no other. And the Graduate Theological Union is an institution of higher learning that's as unique as you are. 

At the GTU, you can find a pathway to your purpose, shaped by the ideas and issues that are most important to you.

While our on-campus visits and in-person information sessions are limited at this time, we are excited to welcome you to this virtual visit experience. We invite you to explore all that the GTU community has to offer through learning about life in Berkeley; request a Zoom call with a student, faculty member, or admissions representative; sign up to sit in on a virtual class; and learn about the transformative impact GTU graduates are having on the world.

Discover the GTU

The GTU is one of the world’s most comprehensive centers for religious and theological education. We bring together scholar-innovators to create an intentionally interreligious and interdisciplinary environment that explores the abundant pathways of the world’s wisdom traditions, unearths intersecting perspectives on religion and spirituality, and translates learning into transformative impact for the common good. Discover abundant pathways to your singular purpose at the GTU.

Learning at One of the Largest Theological Consortiums in the World

We believe that the best way to allow scholars to achieve their goals is to allow the student’s curiosity and drive determine the direction of their study. Keeping this guiding principle in mind, the GTU’s approach is highly personalized, empowering scholars to follow their own passions and academic interests. Scholars at the GTU are not just students, they are explorers and entrepreneurs, finding new connections and mapping out new directions for thought—even if those ideas are unfamiliar. 

We invite you to request a Zoom meeting with a faculty member and to sign up to sit in on a virtual class to better understand what learning is like at the GTU. Below you will also find links to learn about online learning at the GTU; browse our programs, schools and centers, and faculty list; as well as perspectives from our center directors and scholars on spiritual care and leadership during this unprecedented time.

Explore Our Programs

The GTU provides students with the opportunity for intensive academic study of many religious traditions including forms of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, and Judaism, as well as interdisciplinary topics such as art and religion or theology and science.

Explore Our Schools and Centers

The Graduate Theological Union, created in 1962, is a consortium of interdependent theological schools, centers, and affiliates committed to collaboration with one another in order to offer a stronger graduate degree program than any single institution could offer alone.

Explore Our Faculty

The Graduate Theological Union has the largest theological faculty in the United States, including renowned experts with extensive knowledge of the world's major religions and expertise in major areas of interdisciplinary theological investigation.

Hear from Our Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Diandra Erickson is the Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at the GTU and provides online teaching services to all the member schools and affiliates within the consortium. Read her conversation with the GTU.

Explore Online Learning

In this short video, Diandra Erickson explains to viewers how online learning is done at the GTU.

Explore Our Scholars' Perspectives for Our Times

In this enlightening series, GTU scholars offer reflections for our times. These include written reflections, video lectures, and online resources that offer inspiration, encouragement, and insights to speak to the current context. 

Life at the GTU

Students at the GTU find themselves embraced by the largest theological faculty in the United States. They have access to hundreds of course offerings across the consortium that allow for rich interdisciplinary and interreligious study. With so many opportunities, studies at the GTU are unique for every student. 

You are invited to hear three different perspective from students by watching the video below.

Do you have questions about what it’s like to be a student at the GTU? Our student ambassadors are here to provide a first-hand perspective about affordability, diversity, student life, and more. We encourage you to reach out to our students by submitting a contact form and a student will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Perspectives from Three PhD Students

The GTU is home to the Center for Arts and Religion (CARe) and the Doug Adams Gallery. Come on a tour by viewing the video below. Want your own one-on-one Zoom or FaceTime tour with CARe's director Elizabeth S. Peña? Click on the button below.

Admissions and Financial Aid

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate education to that will challenge your thinking, inspire your purpose, and prepare you to make a transformative change in the world, the GTU is ready to help you to take that next step. Our Admissions and Financial Aid teams are ready to assist you with any questions throughout your application process. Get in touch today:

Admissions: admissions@gtu.edu

Financial Aid: finaid@gtu.edu

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