Continuing Education Courses

Some GTU courses may be of interest to community patrons or non-matriculated students who wish to take the course for personal fulfillment. Such courses may be linked to a regular for-credit course or may be completely independent. These courses do not come with an academic credit that can be counted toward a degree or certificate at the GTU.

Community patrons who are not currently enrolled in a degree program at the GTU can identify, register, and pay for such courses using the continuing education module of SONISPlease see the most up to date Continuing Education (per CEU) tuition rates HERE.

Students taking CE courses are eligible to use the GTU’s course management system (currently Moodle) to enable their participation in the class, and will be able to use the GTU library, although they will not have access to reserves or online databases. CE students may wish to purchase a Community Patron library card, currently costing $40 for three months and $80 for six months.

If the CE course is provided as part of a regular for-credit course, the faculty member teaching the course will determine any necessary prerequisites. Any student seeking to enroll in a community education course that is linked to a regular for-credit course is encouraged to contact the faculty member teaching the course to ensure compatibility prior to registering.