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Theology and Science

Theology and Science is the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) at the Graduate Theological Union. It features articles, editorials and book reviews on a variety of topics in the scholarly, interdisciplinary field of theology and science. CTNS members receive current issues in print, as well as online access to the current and all former issues. Please visit for the current issue and to learn how to subscribe/become a CTNS member.

Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology

Established in 2015 by GTU doctoral students in coordination with the dean’s office, the Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology (BJRT) is a diverse forum for the type of cutting-edge scholarship in religious studies, philosophy, and theology that characterizes the GTU. Visit the journal’s website at to review past editions online, and find out how you can contribute. BJRT welcomes articles and book reviews from GTU alumni, students, and faculty, as well as other scholars who share the GTU’s commitment to bring the wisdom or the world’s religions to the critical challenges facing us today.

Teaching Theology & Religion

Good teaching and learning are essential for the vitality and effectiveness of departments and institutions of higher education engaged in the study of religion and theology. Teaching Theology & Religion is a peer-reviewed journal that advances global discourse among scholar-practitioners about teaching and learning in fields related to religion, especially those that attend to one or more of the following areas: interdisciplinary approaches, intercultural and international contexts, interreligious emphases; and where technology, the arts, and service-learning come together to address the entire person. The journal has a global scholarly audience for interdisciplinary theological educators.  See below for information about special themed issues and call for papers. 

Teaching Theology & Religion is divided into four primary subsections:

1. Articles
Primary articles range from 4,000 to 7,000 words, or longer (15 to 25 pages, double-spaced). These articles raise a specific pedagogical issue and demonstrate its relevance to religion or theology classrooms or institutions at the higher-education level. Articles may describe teaching practices that address a particular pedagogical challenge. It is often important to provide and analyze evidence of various forms gathered from the classroom. Strong submissions will place the issue within a wider field of scholarship on pedagogy and attend to a least one of the four areas described above. Articles are subject to blind peer-review.

2. Teaching and Learning in Action
This section provides shorter (around 3,000 words) and more immediately accessible essays that address concrete issues in classroom teaching practice. These manuscripts are subject to internal editorial review and are also sent out for blind peer-review depending on the nature of the manuscript.

3. Teaching Note
Manuscripts in this section are short 400-word descriptions of a successful teaching strategy that could be reproduced by another instructor. Submissions should include the following headings: 1) context (students, institution, course), 2) pedagogical purpose, 3) the strategy itself, and 4) why and how it was effective. A successful Teaching Note allows the reader to go beyond the author's narrow context and course.

4. Reviews
Authors may submit unsolicited reviews of books related to any aspect of teaching and learning in theology and religion. Reviews must include all publication data and are around 800-1200 words. Authors interested in reviewing a book that has not already been reviewed may contact the co-editors to have a review copy sent. Reviews of learning technology that has been used in the religious studies or theological classroom are also accepted.

Questions can be directed to the journal’s co-editors:
Dr. Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero (
Dr. Jennifer W. Davidson (

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