Parking and Transportation

As with housing, parking is at a premium in Berkeley.  All parking near the GTU is either metered or requires a residential permit in order to park for more than two hours.  If you must drive, try to carpool and be prepared to park at some distance and walk.  (Remember that we are located on a hill.)  If you can take public transportation, we encourage you to do so.

GTU and member school staff and faculty members pay for parking spaces in the lot behind/to the north of the GTU LeConte Building.  Three spaces are reserved for vans that shuttle between GTU and SFTS.  Students living in the GTU Virginia Street apartment building may park in this lot after 5 p.m. and before 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and all day and night on the weekends.  The parking lot spaces are never available to other constituencies, including students.  Please beware that an empty space, even if it is empty repeatedly or over the summer, is not available for parking.  GTU Facilities will “boot” an authorized vehicle in the lot and will, then, have the vehicle towed.

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is the local light rail system.  If you live along the BART line or can drive to a nearby station, BART is easy to use and the most efficient way to get to Berkeley.  Get off at the Berkeley Station.  You can then either walk up the hill, a fifteen-minute walk, or take the bus.  The bus system in the East Bay is AC Transit.  For information on bus routes in the East Bay, contact AC Transit at 510-839-2882.  Humphrey Go-Bart (UC Berkeley’s campus shuttle) stops in front of Bank of America on the northeast corner of Shattuck at Center, diagonally across from the main exit Berkeley BART station