Tuition and Fees

The fees and charges listed below are for those students enrolled as students of the GTU, including the Common MA program. Students of one of the member schools should check with their registrar and/or business office for that school’s charges. (For a comprehensive student budget, visit Financial Aid Student Budget.)

Tuition and Fees

(For tuition and fees, the academic year begins with the summer session and ends at the conclusion of the spring semester. New tuition and fees will be posted in April or May each year.)




2024-2025 Annual 

PhD tuition (per credit)




PhD continuing fee (per semester)*




MA tuition (per credit)




MA continuing fee (per semester)*




Undesignated (per credit)




Certificate (per credit)




Audit (per course)




Continuing education (per CEU)***




Summer language CE (per course)




* Fall and spring semesters only.
** MA and PhD students who are full time in-tuition or continuing studies in a semester may also audit up to 3 credits in that semester without charge. Other students paying tuition per credit hour may audit a course for an additional fee of $1500.
*** Continuing Education Units are calculated per 10 contact hours as a commonly understood industry standard, and can be used to maintain licensure for certain professions. Students are responsible for ensuring that CEUs from GTU will be accepted by their employer and/or professional organization.

Fees 2023-24 2024-25
PhD application fee (domestic) $135 $135
PhD application fee (international) $155 $155
MA application fee $40 $40
PhD enrollment deposit (non-refundable) $350 $350

PhD enrollment deferral deposit non-refundable 


Records maintenance fee (per leave) $100 $100
Reinstatement fee $200 $200
Transcript fee (per transcript) $0 $0
ID replacement fee $25 $25
Late Registration Fee $50 $50


Graduation Fees 2023-24 2024-25
Doctoral $150 $150
MA $75 $75
Joint degree additional $50 $50
Certificate $25 $25
Placement dossier fee                                 $50 $50


Doctoral and MA students in course work (first two years at full time enrollment) pay per credit for all courses taken.

Doctoral and MA students in continuing status pay a flat rate for fall and spring semester. This fee covers tuition for any courses taken in fall or spring. Students in continuing status pay per credit for classes taken during the summer. 

If you withdraw or fall below half-time status you may no longer be eligible for financial aid or student loans. Your account will be adjusted accordingly and the aid returned to the source. If you have received a refund for these funds, you must reimburse the school immediately. For more information on financial aid forfeiture, please visit the Financial Aid office.

Printing and Binding fees (required for GTU PhD and MA graduates)

Option 1: Binding Fee only: $110 (graduates will need to purchase their own archival paper and print copies themselves)

Option 2: Printing and Binding Fees
You may also request your thesis to be printed by the GTU library with a fee of .30 cents per page in addition to the binding cost for two copies.  For example, a thesis with 150 pages and 300 pages would be:

Number of Pages Combined Printing and Binding Fees

$ 200

(150 pages x 2 copies x .30 cents = $90
Binding fees: $110
Total:  $ 200)


$ 290

(300 pages x 2 copies x .30 cents = $180
Binding fees: $110
Total: $290)


Payment of Tuition and Fees

GTU tuition and fees are to be paid online via the SONIS portal: Students are responsible for using SONIS to find their balance due once their registration is complete. Statements are only mailed if a student is late in paying. All GTU MA and doctoral students will register and pay through the SONIS portal. GTU summer language courses are offered as continuing education and are payable at the time of registration through SONIS. Pay Tuition and Fees


GTU Tuition Refund Policy

  1. Prior to the end of General Registration: full tuition
  2. During the 1st or 2nd week of classes: full tuition, less withdrawal fee
  3. During 3rd, 4th and 5th week of classes: 50% of tuition
  4. After the 5th week: no refund


GTU Tuition Refund Policy for Short-Duration Courses

Applies to seven (7) week courses in certificate programs only

  1. Prior to first day of class: full tuition
  2. First 7 days: full tuition
  3. After 7 days: no refund


GTU Special Tuition Refund Policy

Applies to short-duration, distance-learning certificates only

  1. Prior to first day of class: full tuition
  2. First 7 days: full tuition
  3. After 7 days: no refund


Continuing Education and Professional Development on GTUx

Fees Per Contact Hour 2023-24 2024-25
Contact Hour $35 $35

Note that fees for continuing education and professional development on GTUx are not refundable at this time. Eontinuing education hours are verified by a downloadable Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of a knowledge quiz administered by GTUx. Learners are responsible for ensuring that CE hours will be accepted by their employer and/or professional association.