Tuition and Fees

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The fees and charges listed below are for those students enrolled as students of the GTU, including the Common MA program. Students of one of the member schools should check with their registrar and/or business office for that school’s charges.

Tuition and Course Fees


PhD and ThD tuition   $1,345 per credit / $32,280 per year (12 credits per semester) 
PhD and ThD continuing relations fee   $4,635 per semester*
GTU Common MA tuition   $733 per credit / $17,592 per year (12 credits per semester)
MA continuing relations fee   $4,400 per semester*
Certificate and Undesignated Students   $733 per credit
Continuing Education Courses   $100 per credit
Language Course   $650 per course

*More than 12 credits per semester, intersession and summer term charged at the per credit fee.

Note: Doctoral and MA students in course work (first two years at full time enrollment) pay per credit for all courses taken, including Intersession and Summer Session courses.

Note: If you withdraw or fall below half-time status you may no longer be eligible for financial aid or student loans. Your account will be adjusted accordingly and the aid returned to the source. If you have received a refund for these funds, you must reimburse the school immediately. For more information on financial aid forfeiture, please visit the Financial Aid office.

Note: As of Fall 2017, the GTU is no longer accepting new ThD students.  



Ph.D. and Th.D. tuition   $1,305 per credit / $31,320 per year (12 credits per semester)
Ph.D. and Th.D. continuing relations fee   $4,500 per semester*
GTU Common M.A. tuition   $711 per credit / $17,064 per year (12 credits per semester)
M.A. continuing relations fee   $4,270 per semester*
Certificate and Undesignated Students   $711 per credit
Language Course   $690 per course

Other Fees

The fees below are those assessed to GTU students. Those marked with ** may be different for students of other schools. Check the table of consortial registration policies or contact your registrar for the fees of your school. Common MA students pay the fees assessed by their school of affiliation, not the GTU fees, except for the Thesis Filing fee. See the insurance page for information regarding the costs of required student health insurance.



MA Application Fee

PhD and ThD Application Fee

International Student PhD and ThD Application Fee





Late or missed payment   $75
Records Maintenance Fee during leave of absence (per semester)   $100
Reinstatement Fee
(for students who have withdrawn and wish to return)
Doctoral Graduation Fee   $300
Doctoral Graduation Fee for Joint Degree Program   $100
MA Graduation Fee   $150
Terminal MA Fee   $100
Certificate Fee   $50
Placement Dossier Fee   $25
Transcript Fee (each)   $5
ID Card Replacement   $10


Payment of Tuition and Fees

GTU tuition and fees are to be paid to the GTU Business Office or paid online, except for the transcript fees which are submitted to the CRO along with the transcript request form.  Students are responsible for using Web Advisor to find their balance due once their registration is complete. Statements are only mailed if a student is late in paying. GTU Common MA students not affiliated with the GTU pay their tuition and fees to the business office of their school of affiliation. GTU summer language courses are offered as continuing education and are payable at the time of registration through Web Advisor.  Pay Tuition and Fees


GTU Tuition Refund Policy

  1. Prior to the end of General Registration: full tuition
  2. During the 1st or 2nd week of classes: full tuition, less withdrawal fee
  3. During 3rd, 4th and 5th week of classes: 50% of tuition
  4. After the 5th week: no refund