Russell Family Research Fellowship

The annual Russell Family Research Fellowship in Religion and Science brings internationally distinguished scholars in religion and science to the GTU. Since 1981, Russell Fellows have been in residence at CTNS/GTU to conduct research, teach doctoral and seminary courses with Professor Russell and other GTU faculty, and present public lectures at the GTU and at other San Francisco Bay Area locations.

The annual Russell Family Fellowship was created in memory of John K. Russell (1896-1958). Mr. Russell, born of Italian immigrants, was an industrial engineer and humanitarian. In 2015, The J. K. Russell Research Fellowship in Religion and Science was renamed the Russell Family Fellowship in Religion and Science to honor the contributions of the Russell Family as a whole to this annual Fellowship. It is now an endowed program at the GTU.

Fellows include:

  • Ron Cole-Turner, “New Perspectives from Science on Human Origins”;
  • Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, “Religion, Science and Technology: Jewish Perspectives”;
  • Terrence W. Deacon and Tyrone Cashman, “Science, Naturalized Teleology and a Metaphysics of Incompleteness”;
  • Noreen Herzfeld, “More than Information: A Christian Critique of a New Dualism”;
  • Alex Filippenko, “Life in the Universe, Scientific and Religious Perspectives”;
  • Niels Henrik Gregersen, “God, Information and the Sciences of Complexity”;
  • George V. Coyne, “Twenty Years After the New View from Rome: Pope John Paul II on Science and Religion”;
  • Paul Davies, “Multiverse and Anthropic Fine-Tuning: Philosophical and Theological Implications”;
  • Nancey Murphy,  “Neuroscience, Mental Causation, and Freedom of the Will”;
  • Mary-Claire King, “Theological and Ethical Implications of Recent Research in Genetics”;
  • John Polkinghorne, “The Church and the Environmental Crisis;  God's Interaction with the World”; “The Challenge of Physics to World Religions”;
  • Wolfhart Pannenberg, “The Doctrine of Creation and Modern Science.”