The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS)

The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) promotes the creative mutual interaction between theology and the natural sciences through research, teaching and public service. CTNS focuses on developments in physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, and genetics, with additional topics in the neurosciences, the environmental sciences, and mathematics. It brings discoveries from these fields into creative dialogue and interaction with theology and ethics both in Christian thought and across the multiple religious traditions represented at the GTU. At the GTU, CTNS offers courses, advising, and the annual Townes Fellowship for students, as well as events and lectures for the GTU community and the general public. As a research institution, CTNS produces the journal, Theology and Science, and other scholarly books and articles, runs the annual Russell Family Fellowship in Religion and Science, and manages various grant-funded programs in support of the field of science and religion worldwide. Established in 1981, CTNS is sustained in part by an international membership and individual donors. You can access a wealth of additional CTNS resources at

Academic Programs

CTNS supports the dialogue between religion and science through a variety of course offerings and the Ian Barbour Chair in Theology and Science at the GTU.

CTNS Publications

CTNS publications include the quarterly peer-reviewed journal Theology and Science, and a book series produced in collaboration with the Vatican Observatory.

Russell Family Fellowship

The Russell Family Fellowship brings internationally distinguished scholars in religion and science to the GTU each year.   


CTNS offers annual memberships to an international audience of scientists, humanities scholars, clergy, and the general public interested in the field of theology and science. 

Video and Events

CTNS public events include  doctoral student presentations, public forums by visiting scholars, the annual Russell Family Fellowship Research Conference, book launches, and more.

Townes Student Fellowship

The Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship supports doctoral students at the Graduate Theological Union working in theology and science.