Manuscript Collections by Title

Manuscript Collection

Collections that have been fully processed link to the record in Grace or to the Finding Aid on Online Archive of California (OAC). Collections that have been processed but not listed on Grace or OAC have hard copy finding aids and do not have a hyperlink. Unprocessed collections are identified as such and are not accessible by patrons.





A Brief Review of the Christian Philosophical Institute and its Philosophy, Jesse H. Lanning, ca. 1923
A Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in San Francisco, California, 1941
A Survey of Evangelical Churches in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda, January 1, 1916
A Vision Realized. Architectural Record. May, 1988
Adams (Doug) Collection
Aerial Photographs, Graduate Theological Union, 1998
Art as Sacred Space: Lippold, De Staebler, Rothko, Nevelson, and Tracy, by Ann T. Foster
Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Pacific Region, 1967-98
Atkinson Foundation: Albert Schweitzer Letters Collection, 1956-1964


Baker (Gordon J. ), The Churches and the Japanese Evacuation of World War II, 1992, Revised 2009
Bay Area ACTS (American Christians Toward Socialism), 1974-78
Bay Area Laymen's School of Religion, 1962-69
Bennett (Anne McGrew) Papers
Berkeley Free Church Collection
Berkeley Presbyterian Missionary Homes Collection
Berkeley: A Center of Theological Education, ca. 1953-54
Berkeley-Albany Church Women United Collection, 1933 - 2001
Berkeley-Albany Religious Census, 1961-62
Birchard (Roy ): Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches Collection, 1961-98
Bishop Floyd L. Begin’s Bold and Steady Service in the Development of the Graduate Theological Union: A Personal Reflection by Bishop John L. Cummins, 2010
Boeke (Richard)Collection, 1957-1994
Brockett (Donald) Collection
Brown (Evelyn Berger ) Collection
Brown (John Pairman ) Collection [unprocessed]
Brown (Robert McAfee ) Collection
Bruner (Glen) Collection, 1947 - 1978
Buchler ( Alfred) Collection, 1941-50


California Baptist Convention and Association Proceedings, ca. 1857-1987 [unprocessed]
California Province Social Apostolate Newsletter
California Student Christian Movement, ca. 1969-83 [unprocessed]
Canada (Carter Hawkins), The AntiChrist Bible, 2007
Center for Responsible Tourism
Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence Collection, c. 1977-95
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Collection
Chapman ( Gordon K. ): Protestant Church Commission for Japanese Service, 1942 - 1947
Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco 80th Anniversary Souvenir Book, 1996
Christian World Liberation Front Collection, 1970-1988
Clark II (Henry B.) Collection
Church and Disarmament Collection, c. 1981-86 [unprocessed]
Citizen's Freedom Foundation Collection [unprocessed]
Cohen (Rev. Albert G.) Social Justice Collection, ca. 1965-2003
Columbus Quincentenary Articles and Bibliographies, 1992-93
Committee on Fellowship of the Federation of Churches and Christian Workers of Northern California Papers, May - June, 1906
Conference Papers on Feminist Theology, Goddess Culture, and Witchcraft, 1971-1980 [unprocessed]
Congregational Japanese Missions in California, ca. 1907
Constituting Convention of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Collection, Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 1950
Cooperative Ministries in Higher Education Collection (CMHE), 1966-1994
Culver (Elsie Thomas) Collection, 1945-79


Directory of Churches and Other Religious Organizations in San Francisco: Together with a Listing of Representative War-Time Organizations and Services, 1945
Directory of Protestant Churches in San Francisco, 1954
Distribution of Missionary Responsibility in Central America as made by Cooperating Protestant Churches for Spanish Speaking Peoples, 1916 [map]
Donahue (James A.) Interviews On the Sex Abuse Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States; April, 2002

Dreier (Nelson) Collection, c. 1854 - c. 1956 [unprocessed]


Early Methodist Churches Along the Mother Lode 49 Highway, 1963
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant Collection
Ecumenical Congregations and Ministries: Prepared at the Suggestion of the Steering Committee of an Interfaith Coalition for Ministry, March 1973
Ellacuria ( Ignacio) Collection, 1956-1985
Elliott ( Bonnie Jean ) Collection
Ernst (Eldon ) Faculty Papers, ca. 1967 - 2000 [unprocessed]
Episcopal Society for Cultural and Racial Unity, 1959 - 1970


Faculty-Student Committee on New Directions in the Graduate Theological Union, 1968-69
Fair Housing, California Proposition 14 Collection, 1964
Faithful/Fateful Encounters: Religion and Cultural Exchanges between Asia and the West, 10/2002 [unprocessed]
Federation of Egalitarian Communities, 1981 [unprocessed]
Fisher (Galen M.), National General Secretary of the YMCA for Japan Annual Report for the Year Ending September 30, 1909
For Our Times: A Holy Alliance, 1984
Fosdick (Harry Emerson) Sermons
Foster Scientology Collection
Frankl (Victor E.) Collection
Free the SLA, ca. 1975 [unprocessed]


Gillingham (Mildred R. and James L.) New Religious Movement Collection, circa 1925-1960
Glaser (Chris) Collection
Gleanings: Monthly Bulletin of Biblical/Theological Reflections for UFMCC Preachers and Worship Leaders, 1988
God and My Gay Soul, 1970
Gold ( Victor ): Graduate Theological Union Collection
Gordon (Cuthbert Collingwood) Papers
Graduate Theological Union Area IV (Religion and Society) Colloquia, 1972-78
Graduate Theological Union Community Anti-Vietnam War Day of Witness and Mobilization Programs, 1969
Griffiths ( Bede) Collection, 1932 - 2002
GTU Gay Caucus, 1974
GTU Hunger Collective, 1976-80
GTU Oral History Collection
GTU Social Action Bulletin, February-March, 1969
GTU Strike Bulletin, May 1970


Hadsell (John S.) Westminster House Collection
Hale ( Robert) Collection, ca. 1959-87 [unprocessed]
Hare-Farley Collection in Theosophy and Phrenology, 1855 - 1921
Frederick Winslow Hatch sermons, 1816-1958
Harrell ( John and Mary) Collection
Henry (Carl French ) Collection
Hewlett (Flora Lamson) Library Design Documents: Tom Caulfield, Architect [see reference desk]
Hewlett (Flora Lamson). Photographs, ca. 1965, 1975
Hill (Claiborne M.) Collection, 1884 - 1940
Himalayan Academy: The Master Course, 108 Lessons in Yoga, 1967
History of Foundations and Religious Organizations of the University of California by Thomas Murray, 1941
Holbrook (Nellie): Collected Lectures on Anthroposophical Interpretations of Jesus, 1907 - 1927, 1948
Holy Card Collection
Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, 1958
Fredrick Charles Husenbeth, Emblems of Saints: By Which They are Distinguished in Works of Art, 2nd Edition, London, 1860; and Related Correspondence with Albert Way, 1850 - 1872
Hymns -- Our Common Christian Heritage: A CDSP Evening in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the GTU, February 22, 1983


Institute of Spirituality and Aging, 1994 - 1995


Japanese-American Internment Camp Church Bulletins and Newsletters Collection, 1942-45
Judah (J. Stillson): Japanese Camp Books Collection, 1942-1946
Judah (J. Stillson): New Religious Movements Collection


Kahn ( Louis) Drawing: Building
Kahn ( Louis) Drawing: Floor Plan
Kahn (Louis I.) and the Library, 1990
Keeping the Faith Newsletter: Inter-Faith Working Group, 1995 - 2005 [unprocessed]
Kelsey (Morton T.) Collection, c. 1930-90 [unprocessed]
Kent (Sister Corita) Silk Screen Prints on the Alphabet, ca. 1967
King (Thomas Starr) Collection
King, Jr. (Dr. Martin Luther), Bennett (Dr. John C.), Commager (Dr. Henry Steele), Heshel (Rabbi Abraham), Speak on the War in Vietnam, 1967
Krall ( Ruth) Collection
Kunkel ( Fritz) Collection


Liberation Theology Resources Collection, 1970-1980
Library Humor Collection, ca. 1980-90
Lightworks: The Graduate Theological Union Library. February, 1994
Lillie (Frances Crane) Collection
Lohr (Andrew Christian) Collection
Lynch (Edward ) Vatican Radio Collection


Marna McKenzie Collection of Developing Ministries, Cooperative Ministries in Higher Education, ca. 1980-93
McCauley (Clay) Papers, 1863 - 1925
McCoy ( Charles): Graduate Theological Union Collection, 1959-73
McNeill (John J.) Gay and Lesbian Liberation Collection, 1925 - 2001
Mealy (Norman C.) Collection of 18th Century Methodist Hymnals
Medieval Manuscript Pages: Antiphons and Chants, c. 15th Century
Missionary Clothing Collection [10 items]
Mollenkott (Virginia Ramey ) Collection
Moremen (William) Collection
Mosaic: Interview with Glenn R. Bucher. January, 1993
Mosaic: The Graduate Theological Union. January, 1992
Mosaic: Graduate Theological Union, October 1998
My Twentieth Century: The Graduate Theological Union, March 30, 2001


National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research Collection, 1974-78
National Conference on the Chinese Christian Churches in America Collection, 1955, 1958
National Sanctuary Defense Fund Collection, 1984-96
News clippings Collection, Graduate Theological Union 1962-
Noffke ( William) Papers, 1953 - 1998
North Phoenix Corporate Ministry Collection, 1966-87
Northern California Ecumenical Council Collection, 1947 - 1995
Northern California Presbyterians for Peace and Justice, ca. 1974-99
Nuclear Free Pacific and Other Pacific Island Issues Collection


Official Postcards of the Oberammergau Passion Play, 1930
O'Hanlon (Daniel) Vatican II Collection
Oikoumene, 1985-86
Oral History of the GTU Collection, 1988
Ordination of Women in the Episcopal Church Collection, 1963-77


Pacific and Asian-American Center for Theology and Strategies Collection
Pacific Coast Theological Society Collection [unprocessed]
Pacific Interfaith Network, 1993
Pacific Southwest Conference on World Christian Mission, c. 1908 [unprocessed]
Pamphlets by Hanna Jacob Doumette, ca. 1936
Pamphlets Concerning Women, 1969-71 [unprocessed]
Parr (Fred D. ): Temple of Religion and Tower of Peace, Golden Gate International Exhibition Collection, 1938 - 1939
Parsons (Bishop Edward L): Pamphlets, Articles, and Sermons on Church Unity, 191? - 1950
Peace United Church of Christ Collection, 1985-1994
Pease (Paul M.): Peace Education Collection, ca. 1937-40
Phelps ( Arthur S.) Collection, ca. 1917-1930 [unprocessed]
Pictures by Chinese Artists
Piepkorn (Arthur Carl ) Collection
Pledge of Resistance Collection, 1984-92
Proposals for Debate ca. 1961
Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Churches in San Francisco and Daly City, ca. 1964
Publications, World Council of Churches [unprocessed]




Racial Prejudices in San Jose, California as Observed by a College Class in Race Relations, n.d. (ca. 1948)
Racism is a Violation of Human Rights: The Oakland Hearings Coordinated by the Northern California Ecumenical Council for the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, 1994
Radical hypothesis as to the origin and development of the Christian religion
Radical Religion: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Opinion Collection, 1965-82
Religion and Region: Mainline Protestantism in Northern California, 1988-92
Report on Research: The Placement of Women in Parish Ministry, 1978
Religion and the Personality Sciences: Area V of the Graduate Theological Union Faculty Resource Collection, 1954-1987 [unprocessed]
Remembering Theological Education in the 1960's Oral History Collection [unprocessed]

Report of the Oakland-Berkeley Seminar on Human Relations: Jews, Catholics, Protestants, 1931
Responses to Jonestown, 1978-1979
Rocky Horror Superstar, ca. 1996-97
Rood ( Wayne) Collection, 1946 - 2002


Salt of the Earth Resources: Ministry Resources for Laity and Clergy in the Metropolitan Community Churches, 2/1988 - 8/1989
San Francisco Bay Region Conference of the Association of Theological Seminaries of the Pacific and Mountain Area, January 28, 1939
Schaller (The Rev. Winfred B.) Collection
Sanctuary Collection: Gustav Schultz
Sanctuary Oral History Project Records
Sasnett (J. Randolph), The Mind of Jesus and the Future Mind
Scientology at the Marina Collection, 1947 - 1973
Seminar Summaries: National Christian Mission Seminars, March 1941
Sequoia Magazine Collection of the Northern California Ecumenical Council, c. 1980-90 [unprocessed]
Sermon on Job 28:28, c. 1750
Shekhinah in the Hills: Rabbi Leah Novic: An Oral History, 2002
Spahr (Rev. Jane Adams) Collection [unprocessed]
Spretnak ( Charlene): Early Feminist Spirituality Collection, ca. 1975-2005
Starhawk Collection
Stelmach ( Harlan) Collection
Stein (Edith) Collection
Stone, Jr (Donald C.). Papers, 1971 - 1983, 2001
Suzuki (Lester E.) Collection
SynApse: A Graduate Theological Union Literary Magazine


Taylor (Margaret Palmer) Collection, 1930 - 2004
That All May Freely Serve [unprocessed]
Telegraph Avenue, 1994
The Autobiography of Ernest Morgan, 1992
The Catholic Voice, Special Issue: The Graduate Theological Union -- Ten Years, November 2, 1972
The Church and the Berkeley Crisis, 1964-65
The Churches and the Japanese Evacuation of World War II, by Gordon J. Baker, 1992, Revised 2009
The Dean in Our Midst: The Reverend Doctor Sherman Elbridge Johnson Oral History, 1971
The Divine Secret of Nothing. Nbarakan the Contemplative, 2007
The Impact of Interinstitutional Cooperation on Institutional Autonomy, 1971
The Initiative for Spirituality and Aging Collection, 1993 – 1996
The Ordination of Women: World Council of Churches, Department on the Cooperation of men and women in Church and Society, 1958, 1963
The Pacific Interseminary Movement Collection, 1930-42
The Sunday Before, 1942, 1945
The Three Fold Cord, Journal of the Alternative Education Caucus, Graduate Theological Union, March, May, 1971
Thirty Minutes: Assignment Four, Holy Hill, 1974
Thorlaksson (S.O.) Papers
Thornton ( Ida) Oral History Interview
Tolson (George R.) Collection [unprocessed]
TREES: Theological Roundtable on Ecological Ethics and Spirituality [unprocessed]


United Campus Christian Ministry at San Jose State University Collection, 1960-2000
United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women: Preview and Post-view, 1995-96
University Christian Church, Berkeley, ca. 1900-2006 [unprocessed]
University of Judaism/Graduate Theological Union, Annual Colloquia Collection, 1973-1983


Vietnamese Conflict Resources Collection, 1965-71
Vincent ( Richard ): Feed My Sheep, 1996- [unprocessed]


Weatherly (Aubrey Richard) Collection
Weave of Faith: A Christian Feminist Worshipping Community [unprocessed]
Welch (Claude ), Personal Papers Collection [unprocessed]
Wells (Howard ): Reflections of the Kingdom, 1970-1989
West Coast Region Interseminary Movement 1957-59 [see reference desk]
West Coast Seminaries, Comparison Chart, ca. 1916
West Oakland Christian Parish, 1964-67
Whitaker ( Robert W.) Collection
Wilbur (Earl Morse) Papers
Women: Study Papers and Bibliography, United Church of Christ, Council for Lay Life and Work, 1962-1969
World Council of Churches Collection, 1940-45




Yinger (Paul W.) Papers, 1928-92
Young (Robert Vaughn ) Memorial Scientology Collection