Key to Course Numbers

GTU courses are grouped by fields of study, and are identified by a combination of letters and numbers. The letters refer to the field or field’s subdivision, and the course number refers to the course level. The links on the list below will connect you to a description of the doctoral program in that field.

Fields of Study


Course Levels

  • 1000-1999 - Introductory courses which serve as a basic introduction to work in an area and have no prerequisites.
  • 8000-8199 - ONLINE Introductory courses which have no prerequisites.
  • 2000-3999 - Intermediate courses; primarily for Master’s level students.
  • 8200-8399 - ONLINE Intermediate courses; primarily for Master's level students.
  • 4000-4999 - Advanced courses for advanced Master’s level and Doctoral level students.
  • 8400-8499 - ONLINE Advanced courses for Master's level and Doctoral level students.
  • 5000-5999 - Doctoral courses which may be open to advanced Master’s level students with Faculty permission.
  • 6000-6999 - Doctoral courses which are only open to Ph.D./Th.D. students 


Additional Course Codes

Other codes are used for Special Reading Courses, administrative HELP messages from the Consortial Registrar’s Office, and various non-course designations related to a particular degree program (DR6001 – Preparation for Comprehensive Exams, for example). For details of the degree-program related courses, please check the requirements of your specific program. All these other codes do appear in the Course Schedule, along with their descriptions under “special courses.”

  • DM – Doctor of Ministry
  • DR – Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Theology
  • HELP – Administrative messages from the Consortial Registrar’s Office
  • MA – Master of Arts
  • MDV – Master of Divinity
  • MTS – Master's of Theological Studies
  • NOV – Novitiate (DSPT only)
  • SAT – School of Applied Theology
  • STD – Doctor of Sacred Theology (JST only)
  • STL - Licentiate in Sacred Theology (JST only)
  • SRC – Special Reading Course
  • UCB - Used in WebAdvisor for courses taken at UC-Berkeley, Holy Names University or Mills College