GTUx Originals - Faculty Proposals

Mission of GTUx

GTUx thrives at the crossroads of global culture and interreligious life, learning, and leadership, extending the GTU’s campus and furthering its mission by serving as dynamic, digital learning resource for individuals and communities internationally to deeply engage with the world’s wisdom traditions. 

Providing unique online learning opportunities, virtual programs and events, and unparalleled digital collections and resources for the study of religion and theology, GTUx encourages encounters with spiritually rooted study to inspire transformational change for the creation of a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

Core Topics and Content Pillars

While content offered through GTUx will extend to all areas of inquiry represented at the GTU, a few key topic areas will provide the larger organizational framework for content production and user engagement. These topic areas will draw upon the strategic priorities identified in the GTU’s 5-Year Strategic Vision, actively engage with relevant and critical contemporary issues, as well as be informed by extensive, in-depth market research and feedback.

The subjects of GTUx’s Core Content Pillars include:

  • Wisdom Traditions in Storytelling and Sacred Narrative
  • History, Thought, and Culture of Religion and Spirituality

  • Contemplative Practice, Ritual, and Spiritual Care

  • Ethics, Justice, and Sustainability

Step-by-Step Proposal Process, Selection Criteria, and Application

Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.

Faculty across the consortium are invited to submit proposals for consideration as a “GTUx Original,” which will be reviewed and selected by the GTUx Content Review Panel. In doing so, proposing faculty agree to be active, available collaborators throughout the entire production cycle (approximately 16-20 weeks), for an honorarium of $1,000. Honorariums for guest lecturers are paid by proposing faculty. The number of proposals selected will be determined by the scope and scale of the pool, as well as available financial resources to support production.

Stages of Proposal Development:

  • Solicitation 
  • Submission
  • Review
  • Feedback/Discussion
  • Selection
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Launch Review
  • Launch

Selection Criteria:

  • Reflects the values, ethics, and mission of the GTU.
  • Topic that falls into alignment with one of the platform’s Core Content Pillars.
  • Clear appeal and relevance to GTUx target audience groups.
  • Allows for a multitude of perspectives on the topic, and creates space that is welcoming of different voices and points-of-view.
  • Dynamic and thoughtful use of multi-media content.
  • Sound instructional design approach.
  • Feasibility/adaptability of concept for digital format.


  • Proposals will be submitted through the form below.
  • All faculty submitting proposals will need to commit to be locally available for filming at 1-3 mutually agreed upon times between for up to 16 weeks following proposal approval, as well as available for up to 3 planning meetings in advance of filming.
  • Proposals are limited to individual faculty members or partnerships, and that in the latter instance, honoraria would be shared. 
  • Those who wish to incorporate lectures or modules from more than two faculty members should submit their proposal as an individual faculty member, who will serve as the project “owner” and take responsibility for coordinating among additional participants. These additional participants may be noted as “Subject Matter Experts”  or “Guest Lecturers” in your proposal. Biographies are to be provided in the form below. 
  • To be considered complete, all submissions must include a signed "Licensing and Media Agreement." Download the agreement here and upload the signed agreement in the webform below. 
  • The proposal process aligns with the standards of Title IX.

Faculty Application for GTUx

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