Suggest a Library Purchase

The GTU Library maintains one of the largest collections of theological materials in the United States.  As noted elsewhere,  the Library houses 450,000 volumes ; maintains over 1500 current subscriptions to serial and journal publications ; and owns 290,000+ microforms, audio-visual, and digital materials; a very significant resource for the study or religion, theology, and related disciplines.

Materials are selected on a routine basis from major denominational presses represented among the GTU Schools, major academic presses (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Eerdmann’s, Peter Lang, Brill, Blackwell’s, etc.), a selected number of national and international vendors (Midwest, Harrassowitz, Casalini libri,, etc.) according to criteria and priorities set in the Collection Development Policy.

Faculty members are encouraged to suggest titles for books or journals for the Library which will support the professional and academic programs undertaken at the GTU.  

Please search GRACE and OskiCat to determine that a book or journal is not already part of the collections of the GTU or U.C. Berkeley.

Please use this online form:  Suggest a Library Purchase ; a paper version of the form is available at the Reference Desk.  Click here to see a current list of new acquisitions.

Should you desire to discuss new or evolving collection needs; the particulars of the Collection Development Policy; or any other issue related to the collections, please contact Clay-Edward Dixon via email or at (510) 649-2509.