Executive Team and Board of Trustees

Executive Team

President: Daniel L. Lehmann

Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Uriah Y. Kim

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students: Kathleen Kook

Chief Financial Officer: Ellen Peterson

Vice President for Advancement: Alison H. Mundy 

Library Director: Clay-Edward Dixon


Board of Trustees

The governing body of the GTU is its Board of Trustees, responsible for the academic graduate programs offered by the GTU as an accredited institution. The Board of Trustees includes representation from the community, GTU member schools, and faculty. While the Council of Presidents guides the daily operation of the consortium, the Board of Trustees provides important support through oversight of cooperative activities and services. The decisions of the Board of Trustees and Council of Presidents are implemented by the President of the GTU as their Chief Executive Officer.

FY 2019–2020



Vice Chair




Susan Cook Hoganson

William D. Glenn

David O'Neill

Josefina J. Card


Alison Benders (JST-SCU)
Rosemary Bray McNatt (SKSM)
James Brennemann (ABSW)
Josefina J. Card
Abid Farooq
William D. Glenn
Susan Cook Hoganson
Munir Jiwa
Douglas Kahn
Ralph Kuncl (SFTS/University of Redlands)
Judith K. Larsen
Dale Lum
Daniel Lehmann


John O'Connor
David D. O'Neill
Raymond Pickett (PLTS)
Mary Jo Potter
LaRue Quy
W. Mark Richardson (CDSP)
Peter Rogers (DSPT)
Rita Semel (trustee emerita)
Peter Teague
Robert V. Thompson
Dale Walker
David Vásquez-Levy (PSR)

Updated: May 29, 2019