Online Learning

At the GTU, we know that students come from all over the world, and that they have varying life and work commitments. To help you achieve your learning goals, we offer students:

  • Remote resources from our library to support study and research needs
  • The Certificate in Interreligious Studies online program
  • Certificate in Interreligious Chaplaincy, which is offered with the option to study entirely online
  • A recently introduced fully online MA program
  • GTUx, a global destination for digital learning
  • Access to online social forums to connect with the GTU

Dr. Diandra Erickson is the Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at the GTU and provides online teaching services to all the member schools and affiliates within the consortium.  She earned her PhD from the GTU in 2018, and she subsequently moved into her current role leading digital initiatives.

At the GTU, Dr. Erickson has found a role where her responsibilities are centered on what she loves. Her passion for education is unquestionable. Her devotion to enabling studies to extend beyond the classroom is definite. And her innovative approach is driving digital learning curricula at the GTU. Read more about her work.

Remote Resources from the GTU Library

We are proud to offer students access to many remote resources to support their study and research needs. In addition, if you need help, you can chat with one of our librarians.

Certificate in Interreligious Studies Online Program

This is the first fully online program offered by the GTU. Building on the GTU’s interreligious scholarship, this program is tailored to meet the needs of today’s working professionals.

Sample Interactive Online Learning Module

This interactive online learning module simulates our approach to delivering online classes to you wherever you are in the world.

Interreligious Chaplaincy Program

The Interreligious Chaplaincy Program provides the skills to meet the spiritual-care needs of increasingly diverse populations, while also offering expertise in religious traditions traditionally underrepresented among institutional chaplains. Students with a qualifying master's degree can earn a stand-alone certificate in interreligious chaplaincy.  


Discover and sign up for learning opportunities on topics inspired by the dynamic conversations and rigorous scholarly research of our faculty, including theology, ethics, justice, spiritual care, and beyond.