Angela Lintz Small

Angela Lintz Small

Student Trustee

How would you describe your religious affiliation and/or spiritual background?

I am Buddhist and came to GTU to deepen my knowledge and faith while at the same time learning from peers who are similarly inspired in Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Indigenous spiritualities, Islam, and Judaism. I practice Insight Meditation, a lay outgrowth of Theravada Buddhism.

In one word, how would you describe the way you feel about the GTU?


What excites you about becoming a member of the GTU’s Board of Trustees?

I study at GTU because I believe humanity can live peacefully with embodied and spiritual diversity. I am learning and teaching with global leaders who possess a similar vision. As the GTU Student Trustee, I am delighted to contribute to the quality of our inspired and insightful community. Interreligious scholarship and collaboration has never been more important. I support the growing reach and influence of the GTU religious studies leaders while, at the same time, contributing to our community's sustainability.

What do you find inspiring about GTU 2.0 and the future of the GTU?

As an African American Buddhist, I hold two values particularly highly—compassion and social justice. Our faith diversity and collaboration across schools and institutes is one of our strongest attributes. Additional strong attributes include our commitments to tolerance and collaboration across diversity, equity and inclusion and religious groups. GTU represent a much brighter future for humanity than the exclusionist and supremacist movements that are threatening global stability and genocide. We represent a free and harmonious future through mutual understanding and meaningful collaboration.

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