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Founders of Center for Dharma Studies

"We need places where religion is respected and taught openly, and for us there is no place that does this better than the GTU." - Ajay Shingal


Kali (Meera) Tanikella

PhD Historical and Cultural Studies


Juxtaposing Enlightenment and Dharma: Comparing the Concept of Disjunctive Individualism with Deep Interconnectedness as it Relates to Gender

Kristine Bell

MA Yoga Studies

The scholarship, theology, and theo-praxis of Yogācarya B.K.S. Iyengar.




Charissa Jaeger-Sanders

PhD Theology and Ethics

Comparative Theology: Examining the common threads between the Judeo-Christian and Hindu faiths using an inter-religious, dialogical, and philological lens.

Cogen Bohanec

PhD Historical & Cultural Studies

A Constructive Eco-theology of Kṛṣṇa Bhakti by applying the Methodologies of Eco-feminist/Animal-Rights Theology.

Janani Carpenter

MA Yoga Studies

The Teaching Tradition of Advaita Vedanta

Laura Dunn

PhD Historical & Cultural Studies

Neocolonial Developments in Śākta Tantra

Aaron Grizzell

PhD in Historical & Cultural Studies

Noel Heyden

MA Hindu Studies

Analyzing Desire in the Bhagavad Gita

Kypros Koutsokoumnis

PhD Historical & Cultural Studies

Cross-Cultural Theories of Aesthetics That Deal With the Sacred

Victoria Price

PhD History & Culture

The Impacts of Modernization on the Hindu Student/Teacher Relationship

Parameshwaran Ramakrishnan

PhD Theology & Ethics 

Proposing a Contemplative-Neuroscientific Hermeneutic Methodology for Comparative-Theological Studies and its Application in Clinical Spiritual Care (Chaplaincy) Education and Medical Ethics: Towards a "Spiritual Psychiatry" Subspecialty.

Pravina Rodrigues

PhD Theology & Ethics 

Method in Comparative & Interreligious Theology 

Rachelle Syed

PhD Theology & Ethics

Hindu-Muslim Interchange, Comparative Theology, Ecofeminism

Zipei Tang

PhD Religion and Practice

Yoga Cosmology and the Feminine Principle

Laura Prickett

MA Yoga Studies

Comparison of Experiences and Outcomes of Yoga Practices

Adriel Ramirez

MA Hindu Studies

Exploring Love Mysticism Within the Gaudiya Vaisnava Tradition


Nimisha Nair

MA Hindu Studies 

Understanding Ecology through the Theology of Advaita Bhakti