GTU Voices - Bridging Boundaries to Heal with Love

Bridging Boundaries to Heal with Love

By GTU Communications

Vanessa Fox is a graduate student pusrsuing a Master of Arts in Social Change at Starr King School for Ministry. As part of the Leadership Team at the Network of Spiritual Progressives, she invites like-minded organizations to collaborate in a more widely-encompassing social justice movement. In addition, she is a Prayer Chaplain and leader of anti-racism training at Unity church as well as an artist, creating a multi-media piece imagining peaceful interfaith dialogue in a loving world. 

In Vanessa's contribution to the GTU's Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership for Our Times series, she talks about the importance of healing generational traumas as well as leading with love.

"The only value you need to have as a leader is love. Let love lead the way."

Watch her interview below, and listen to the extended audio version here

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