BCARS - Certificate Requirements


All students enrolled at the GTU or any of its member schools are eligible to register for the BC/ARS Certificate. Upon successful completion of the requirements students will be awarded the certificate. Students register for the Certificate by filling out an “Intent to Enroll” form (also available through member school registrars).  Students will submit the “Intent to Enroll” to an administrative support person who will manage the BC/ARS records. This person will be designated to do this by the GTU Dean.  Upon completion of all the requirements, the student presents a completed Requirements Checklist and a copy of his or her transcript to the BC/ARS Program Director. At the discretion of the student’s school a note indicating completion will be entered into the student’s transcript.


To receive the Certificate in BC/ARS, students must fulfill the following requirements while enrolled at the GTU or one of its member schools:

  1. Take the 3.0-unit “BC/ARS Seminar,” to be offered each year, usually in the fall semester.  The course provides a basic grounding in approaches to BC/ARS.

  2. Take three (3) additional 3.0-unit approved courses at the GTU or UCB African American Studies Department.  At least two (2) of these courses must have a religious studies or theology component as well. The course requirements must be tailored to require performance at the student’s degree level. (Doctoral students should expect to cover additional material and/or write longer papers.) Special Reading Courses (SRC) that cover these topics may be counted towards the certificate.
    The BC/ARS Program Director will determine which courses fulfill these requirements upon petition by the student before or after the courses have been taken, provided that they are taken while the student is enrolled at the GTU or one of its member schools.  The BC/ARS Program Director will develop a list of approved courses that will be updated frequently from which students may select their courses for the Certificate.

  3. Participate in one colloquium series.