Asia Project Current Courses

Spring 2018

FT-2203 Cross-Cultural Experience, Veen (PLTS)

FEFT-2496 Chi Mystical Islam, Van Ham (SKSM)

FEFT-2497 Chi Mahayana Buddhism, Van Ham (SKSM)

HR-2039 Food & Healing: Asian Spiritual, Wu, S. (GTU)

HR-2850 Buddhism in the West, Mitchell (GTU/IBS)

HR-3940 Confucianism & Christianity, Chung, H. (GTU)

HRBS-4825 Muslim Theology Animal Rights, Anwar (SKSM)

HRCE-3002 Buddhist Ethics, Fronsdal (GTU/IBS), Clark, D. (GTU/IBS)

HRHS-1518 Buddhist Traditions of East Asia, Galasek (GTU/IBS)

HRHS-8454 Topics Buddhist Traditions of Japan, Leighton (GTU/IBS)

HRPS-8320 Psychological Aspects of Buddhism, Bermant (GTU/IBS)

HRRS-2842 Qur’an, Sunnah, & Islamic Law, Khater (CIS)

HRRS-3933 Countering Islamophobia (GTU/CIS)

IDS-2500 The Luminous Darkness, Shere (SKSM)

PHBS-4010 Indian Philosophy: Overview, Bilimoria (GTU)

PHCE-4961 Religion and Peacebuilding, Farina (DSPT)

RSHS-4155 Gandhi, Nonviolence, Jainism, Bilimoria (GTU)

SPFT-8400 Spiritual Practice in these Times, Fry (SKSM)

SPHS-4200 Comparative Contemplatives, Farley (SFTS), Ocker (SFTS)

SPHS-4268 Jesuit Theology of Mission, Pham (JST)

ST-5931 Natural Sciences: Interreligious, Peters, T. (PLTS), Russell, R. (GTU/CTNS), Sherma (GTU)

STBS-5020 Hindu Theology: Foundations, Sherma (GTU)

STHS-4170 Asian Christianities, Tran (JST)


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