Congratulations to 2022 CIS Graduates from Director Munir Jiwa

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Center for Islamic Studies

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 CIS Graduates from Director Munir Jiwa

As-salaamu alaikum, greetings of peace.
I am delighted to present the Class of 2022 graduates in Islamic Studies:

  • Sakinah Alhabshi (MA with Honors), thesis title, Spiritual Wellbeing and Resilience During a Prolonged Crisis: An Analysis and Integration of Contemplation-based and  Action-based Practices from an Islamic Perspective
  • Huzaifah Bharucha (MA), thesis title, Contradictions between Āḥād Ḥadīth and Qiyās within the Ḥanafī Madhhab
  • Dr. Uzma Husaini (PhD), dissertation title, The Centrality of the Link Transmission (Isnād), Both Oral and Written, in the Preservation of Qur’anic Orthoepy, Orthography, and Variant Readings and Recensions
  • Dr. May Kosba (PhD), dissertation title, The Race Question: Egyptian Intellectualism on the Periphery of the African Diaspora

Congratulations to the graduates and their families, friends, and communities. We celebrate and commend the graduates for their scholarly excellence, for the wonderful and diverse ways they are advancing the work of the Center for Islamic Studies and the GTU, and for their important leadership roles in bridging academia with the larger public. We also gratefully acknowledge the faculty who served on these thesis and dissertation committees and to the staff for their support.
Since its founding in 2007, the Center for Islamic Studies has sought to deepen understanding of the Islamic tradition within the diverse, interreligious context of the GTU. Our PhD, MA, and certificate students and graduates, along with CIS faculty and visiting scholars, are globally diverse; they come from 20 countries and speak, read or write in 35 languages!
In these challenging and uncertain times, many of our students, graduates, faculty, scholars and staff have been on the front lines of navigating the global pandemic and caring for the vulnerable and those in need. They selflessly serve others and address inequities and injustices with patience, empathy, love, generosity, compassion and kindness. We thank them for their important work.
Prayers for everyone’s good health, well-being, safety and unity. May our remarkable interconnectedness be a source of comfort and hope.
With deep gratitude for your care and support, peace and blessings,
Munir Jiwa
Director, Center for Islamic Studies