Dossier Services Instruction Page

How to Open a Dossier File

Graduates of the PhD program or individuals with All But Dissertation Status (approved dissertation proposal) are eligible to open a Dossier with PrivateFolio, our online dossier service provider.

Dossier services include:

• A confidential and permanent home for your letters of recommendation.

• Ability to solicit, manage, and send confidential letters of recommendation along with documents and credentials to prospective employers.

If you are interested in opening a dossier file, please fill out this Request to Open a Dossier form and inform your intention by emailing Dr. Chaitanya Motupalli, Director of Student Life and International Students and Scholars, at Upon filling out the form and expressing your intention, you will receive a code for $ 50 credit to open your account with PrivateFolio.

PrivateFolio is not affiliated with the GTU. However, as a GTU student/alumnus, you will receive a $ 50 credit. There are a couple of ways in which you can use your $ 50 credit. If you are planning to apply widely to jobs in the coming year, you may opt to use the credit to pay for a one-year account ($ 9.99) and use the remaining ~$ 40 to send deliveries (which can range from $2 - $6, although $3 is about average – so, $ 40 will cover about 14 applications). If you are planning to apply more selectively but want to keep your letters on file for a few years, you might want to opt to use your credit to cover a 5-year account ($37.99) and then apply the remaining ~$12 towards occasional deliveries. In either case, once the initial $ 50 credit is used up, you would pay any additional fees out of pocket.