Yohana Junker to Receive Alves Award for Theopoetics

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GTU Communications

Yohana Junker, a GTU doctoral student in art and religion, has been selected as the winner of the 2018 Rubem Alves Award for Theopoetics. The award, given by ARC (ArtsReligionCulture) in honor of Brazilian theologian, author, and teacher Rubem Alves, acknowledges “an emerging artist, scholar, or activist whose work reflects a commitment to the role of imagination, art, and embodiment in faith and reflection on religion.” Junker will receive her award at ARC’s 2018 Theopoetics Conference in Newton, Massachusetts, on March 9-10, where she will address the ways in which spirituality, activism, and art can be brought together. Congratulations, Yohana!

Read ARC’s press release about the 2018 Alves Theolpoetics Award.