Summer 2023 Interreligious Research Grants | Madrasa-Midrasha Program

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Madrasa-Midrasha Program

The Walter & Elise Haas Fund has provided funding to the GTU in support of the Madrasa-Midrasha Program, a collaborative interreligious effort cosponsored by the Center for Islamic Studies and the Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies. We are pleased to announce research grants for GTU students working on interreligious projects related to Judaism and/or Islam. Grants will range from $250 to $500 for individual projects and $500 to $1000 for joint projects, which are strongly encouraged.

The following criteria will be applied to determine winning proposals:

  • Student(s) must be in the GTU MA or PhD degree program focusing on Jewish Studies and/or Islamic Studies and/or have registered for a course with the GTU's Center for Islamic StudiesRichard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies, or Interreligious Chaplaincy Program during the current academic year.
  • Proposed projects must be interreligious, or relevant to interreligious work. Projects that address both Judaism and Islam will be given priority; students working within a single tradition should show how their project is relevant to comparative work.
  • Students pursuing research projects will be required to share the research in a 3-5 page report to be posted on the Madrasa-Midrasha website and presented at a public event on the GTU campus during the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Research projects may be connected to class assignments, background research for theses or dissertations, or personal interest.
  • Students may propose an event or discussion group, or create an event in partnership with a local organization. Events must occur during the Fall 2023 semester.

Proposals of no more than one single-spaced page (or not exceeding 500 words) along with a budget should be submitted to the Director of the Madrasa-Midrasha Program, Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala (, no later than Monday April 3, 2023.

In the proposal, please state the purpose and description of the research/program, methods to be used, and why the research/program is considered important or beneficial to interreligious study and dialogue.

Proposals will be judged on compliance with the above criteria, clarity of focus and methods, and appropriateness to the interreligious and interdisciplinary approach of the GTU.

Research projects must be completed and publicly presented/made available by September 30, 2023.