GTU Welcomes UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy to the Hewlett Building

GTU Welcomes UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy to the Hewlett Building 

BERKELEY, CA - September 21, 2023 - The Graduate Theological Union is pleased to announce that beginning this fall, the fruitful partnership with UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP) will grow to encompass shared space at GTU’s Hewlett Building. Deepening the two schools’ existing partnership with GSPP’s residence at the GTU's North Building, GTU and GSPP are excited to foster further collaboration and engagement between their faculty, staff, and student bodies. 

The Goldman School of Public Policy is a graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, that prepares students for careers in public leadership. In addition to a doctoral program, undergraduate minor, and several concurrent degrees, GSPP offers a Master of Public Policy, a Master of Public Affairs, and a Master of Development Practice. GSPP faculty includes researchers across the fields of economics, political science, law, social psychology, and engineering, with expertise ranging from education policy to racial profiling to clean energy.  

“We are thrilled to deepen our fruitful partnership with the Goldman School and welcome them to our beloved Hewlett Building,” said GTU President Uriah Kim. “Both of our institutions are driven by the mission to build a more equitable and sustainable world, and together, we look forward to the ways in which sharing a physical space may also contribute to the advancement of our shared commitments to furthering the public good." 

GSPP’s residence at the Hewlett Building coincides with the grand reopening of the GTU’s flagship location after several building improvements and alterations. This consolidation of the campus footprint and the opportunity to bring the GTU’s vibrant community under one roof represent key milestones in the GTU’s 5-Year Strategic Plan, GTU 2.0. Launched in 2021, this plan focuses on critical areas of impact including expanding education access; optimizing infrastructure to best serve students, staff, faculty, and the broader community; forging vibrant partnerships; and supporting the next generation of scholars and leaders. 

Both the Goldman School and the GTU are institutions shaped by a deep commitment to justice, inclusion, and concern for the marginalized,” said GSPP Dean David C. Wilson. “We conduct research and educate leaders, working toward a future of human, societal, and environmental flourishing. I look forward to how this partnership will bring our two institutions into a common space and further foster a spirit of community and shared success, grounded in scholarship and learning.” 

“I am looking forward to the ways in which this agreement will foster a dynamic environment, deepening the opportunities for collaboration and creative collisions between our students and faculty,” said GTU Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jennifer W. Davidson. "We envision a future of cross-institutional learning experiences and rich exchanges of ideas where students and faculty from the GTU and the Goldman School can come together, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise, to address the critical questions and needs of today’s world.”  

A reopening celebration for the Hewlett Building will be held on Saturday, October 14th, from 1-4pm PT. This celebration of the spirit of the GTU will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the building, bringing together our community to commemorate the Hewlett Building's storied past and celebrate its renewed significance in the GTU’s vibrant future.