GTU Presence at AAR/SBL 2023

Gather & Connect

Join us at AAR/SBL 2023 in San Antonio from November 18-21 for a unique opportunity to connect with GTU students and faculty. Explore new insights, engage in brave conversations, and forge meaningful connections. We look forward to seeing you there!

AAR/SBL 2023

GTU Student and Faculty Participation

Wednesday (11/15) - Friday (11/17)

  • Resurrection in the Age of Uncertainty: A Conference in Honor of Sandra Schneiders, IHM (JST Professor Emerita of Spirituality) 

Friday (11/17) 

  • 2-6 PM, Dharma Academy of North America, Session 3- (Roundtable) The Dharma of the Scholar-Practitioner: Pedagogy, History, Philosophy, and Controversies, Rita Sherma, Epistemic Justice & the Danger of Epistemicide Across the Global South; Marriott Riverwalk-Alamo Ballroom, Salon C
  • 4:30-5:00 PM, Institute for Biblical Research, Theme: (Presentation) Matthew J. Thomas (DSPT), Augustine and Paul’s Fourteenth Epistle: The Authorship of Hebrews in Augustine’s Writings, MRC-Conference Room 4

Saturday (11/18) 

  • 9-11 AM, Evangelical Studies Unit; Theme: The Business of Evangelicalism: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Corporate World, Peter Choi, Presiding; Grand Hyatt-Crockett C (4th Floor) 
  • 9-11 AM, Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society Unit, Theme: (Business Meeting) Walking Through the Valley: Womanist Explorations in the Spirit of Katie Geneva Cannon, Valerie Miles-Tribble (BST), presiding, CC-217B
  • 9-11:30 AM, SBL The Historical Paul Section / Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom Section, Theme: (Presentation) Slave Religiosity in Pauline Assemblies, Jeremiah Coogan (JST), Enslavement and Circumcision in Galatia, CC–006D
  • 9-11:30 AM, Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies Section; Theme: Best Teaching Practices in 2023, Jennifer Lehmann, Gamifying Pedagogy: Using Role Playing Games in the Classroom; San Antonio Convention Center - 007A (River Level) 
  • 12:30-2:30 PM, Comparative Theology Unit; Theme: Comparative Theology and the Islamic Traditions: Muslim and Christian Perspectives, R. David Coolidge, Islām and Vaikuṇṭha: Muslim Theological Exploration of Prakṛti/Puruṣa; Grand Hyatt-Bonham C (3rd Floor) 
  • 1-3:30 PM, SBL Ancient Education: Social, Intellectual, and Material Contexts Consultation, Theme: (Presentation) Social Contexts of Education in Late Antiquity, Jeremiah Coogan (JST), presiding, CC–006D
  • 1-3:30 PM, SBL Contextual Biblical Interpretation, Theme: (Presentation) LGBTQIA+ Activism and the Bible, Laura Torgerson (BST), presiding, CC-212A
  • 1-3:30 PM, Book of Samuel: Narrative, Theology, and Interpretation Section; Theme: King David, Innocent Blood, and Bloodguilt; Uriah Kim; San Antonio Convention Center - 006B (River Level) 
  • 1-3:30 PM, The Societal Qur’an (IQSA) / International Qur’anic Studies Association (IQSA) Affiliate; Theme: Sura Studies and The Societal Qur'an, Zeinab Vessal, Rayat-E-Nasr Ayat: The Quranic Verses in a Safavid Victory Banner; Marriott Riverwalk - Salon A 
  • 3-4:30 PM, Buddhism in the West Unit, Theme: (Presentation) Scott Mitchell (IBS), respondent, CC-221B
  • 3-4:30 PM, Human Enhancement and Transhumanism Unit; Theme: New Movements in Religion and Transhumanism, Braden Molhoek, Terminology and Reference Frame Matters: De-Extinction, Anthropocentrism, and Astrobiology; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 007B (River Level)
  • 4-6:30 PM, SBL Biblical Literature and the Hermeneutics of Trauma, Theme: (Open Session) LeAnn Flesher (BST), presiding, CC-006D
  • 5-6:30 PM, Buddhism in the West Unit, Theme: (Presentation) Digital Space and Globally Networked Buddhist Communities, Thomas Calobrisi (IBS) & Scott Mitchell (IBS), presiding, CC-303A
  • 5-6:30 PM, Language, Poiesis, and Buddhist Experiments with the Possible Seminar, Theme: (Presentation) Practices for Transforming the Real: Language, Imagination, and Scholarly Modes of Engagement - Session II, Nancy Lin (IBS), presiding, GH-Lonestar Ballroom Salon B
  • 5-6:30 PM, Women’s Caucus; Theme: Religion and “Women’s Work,” Raya Hazini, Presiding; San Antonio Convention Center-Stars 1 (Ballroom Level) 

Sunday (11/19) 

  • 9-9:15 AM, Gender, Sexuality, and the Bible / Contextual Biblical Interpretation, Theme: (Presentation) Reproductive Justice and the Bible, Laura Torgerson (BST), One Thing I Do Know: John 9, Citizen Ruth, and Bodily Autonomy, CC-302C
  • 9-11 AM, Comparative Theology Unit; Theme: Eschatology in Comparative Theology, Rita Sherma, Liberation and Light of Consciousness in a Time of Plurality; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 221D (Meeting Room Level) 
  • 9-11 AM, Evangelical Studies Unit; Theme: Author Meets Critics: The Other Evangelicals (Eerdmans, 2023), Peter Choi, Presiding over Business Meeting; Marriott Rivercenter-Conference Room 13 
  • 9-11:30 AM, SBL Minoritized Criticism and Biblical Interpretation. Theme: (presentation) Biblical Studies and the Coloniality of Knowledge: Minoritized and Latina/o/e Critical Approaches, Julian Gonzalez (CDSP), presiding, GH-Crockett A
  • 11 AM-12:30 PM, International Society for Science and Religion; ThemeL New Theological Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence, Braden Molhoek; Marriott Rivercenter-Grand Ballroom, Salon M 
  • 11 AM-12:30 PM, The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS); Theme: Human Becoming in an Age of Science, Technology, and Faith: Philip Hefner’s Understanding of Humans as Created Co-Creators, Ted Peters; Marriott Rivercenter-Conference Room 15 
  • 11:30 AM-1 PM, T&T Clark, Bloomsbury Publishing, Theme: (Presentation) Cynthia Moe-Lobeda (PLTS), respondent, M19-117-07
  • 11:30 AM-1:30 PM, Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession Committee and Status of Women in the Profession Committee Women’s Mentoring Lunch, (Theme) Lunch, Valerie Miles-Tribble (BST), panelist, CC-Hemisfair 2
  • 12:30-2:30 PM, Ecclesiological Investigations Unit, Theme: (Presentation) Synodality: Possibilities and Pitfalls, Scott MacDougall (CDSP), panelist, MRC-Conference Room 11
  • 1-3:30 PM, Bible and Film Section; Theme: Apocalypse and Spectacle, Emily Pothast, Apocalyptic Spectacle in Babylon and Metropolist; San Antonio Convention Center - 213B (Meeting Room Level) 
  • 1-3:30 PM, Women in the Bible Section; Theme: Hebrew Bible, Jennifer Lehmann, Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss: Bat Sheva and the Morality of Gaslighting Up; Grand Hyatt - Presidio B (3rd Floor) 
  • 1-3:30 PM, SBL Corpus Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti Section, Theme: (Presentation) Tatian: Manuscripts and Interpretation, Jeremiah Coogan (JST), Tatian and the Dura Gospel Fragment: Divergent Models of Synthetic Gospel Writing, CC-304C
  • 1-3:30 PM, SBL Qumran, Theme: (Presentation) Disclosing Reading Practices, James Nati (JST), 4QSe 3:13-19: A Material-Philological Reading,  CC-214B
  • 3-4:30 PM, Baha’i Studies Unit; Theme: Key Texts and Figures in Early Baha'i History, Raya Hazini, A Feminist Martyr; Grand Hyatt-Republic B (4th Floor) 
  • 3-4:30 PM, Yoga in Theory and Practice Unit and the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies; Theme: What is a "Christian Yoga?," Charissa Jaeger-Sanders, Service Is the Rent We Pay for Being: La Labor de Nuestras Manos as a Means for Yoga, for Union with the Divine as Seen in Both Jesus and Swami Vivekananda; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 214D (Meeting Room Level) 
  • 3-4:40 PM, Anglican Studies Seminar, Theme: (Presentation) The Theological and Biblical Dimensions of “Operative Ecclesiologies” in Anglicanism, Scott MacDougall, (CDSP) presiding, CC-214A
  • 4-6:30 PM, Intertextuality and the Hebrew Bible Section / Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible Section; Theme: Susanne Scholz’s (EDT) OUP Handbook of Feminist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible; Rebecca Esterson, Presiding; San Antonio Convention Center - 301B (Ballroom Level) 
  • 4-6:30 PM, Latino/a/e and Latin American Biblical Interpretation/Deuteronomistic History Section / Deuteronomistic History Section; Theme: Coercive Political Power in the Former Prophets, Joshua Rumbaoa Jerome Garcia, You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Subordinate Masculinities In 1 Kings 21; San Antonio Convention Center - 206B (Meeting Room Level) 
  • 5-6:30 PM, Artificial Intelligence and Religion Seminar; Theme: AI in Religion, Braden Molhoek, AI and Justice: Furthering the Digital Divide and Disrupting Human Prudence; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 210B (Meeting Room Level)
  • 5:00-6:30 PM, Anglican Studies Seminar, Theme: (Business Meeting) Session II: The Theological and Biblical Dimensions of “Operative Ecclesiologies” in Anglicanism, Scott MacDougall, (CDSP) presiding, CC-214A

Monday (11/20) 

  • 9:05-9:30 AM, Contextual Biblical Interpretation, Theme: (Presentation) The Global Rise of Religious Nationalism and Biblical Interpretation, Eric Sias (BST), Down the Biblical Rabbit Hole: The Satan of Revelation 13 in Conspiracy Theories, CC-212A
  • 9-11 AM, Interreligious and Interfaith Studies Unit; Theme: Advancing Interreligious Studies: Interactive Workshop, R. David Coolidge, Islām Meets Kṛṣṇa, Again: Contours of a New Interreligious Discourse; Grand Hyatt-Lonestar Ballroom, Salon B (2nd Floor) 
  • 9-11 AM, Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Unit, Theme: (Presentation) Embodied Pedagogies: Teaching Asian American Religions Chenxing Han (IBS), Listening to the Buddhists in our Backyard: Pedagogical Experiments in Experiential Learning, GH-Crockett C
  • 9-11:30 AM, SBL Gospel of Mark Section / Biblical Exegesis from Eastern Orthodox Perspectives Section, Theme: (Presentation) What Happened to Mark in Early Christian Exegesis? Jeremiah Coogan (JST), Introducing Mark, CC-006B
  • 9-11:30 AM, Q Section; Matthew Korpman, A Jekyll and Hyde Jesus: Exploring the Significance of Contradictions in Q; Grand Hyatt - Bowie C (Second Floor) 
  • 9-11:30 AM, Theology Without Walls Group; Theme: What Would a Systematic Theology Without Walls Look Like?, Rita Sherma, The New Theological Anthropology: Ecosystemic Identity; Grand Hyatt-Bowie A (2nd Floor) 
  • 11-12:30 PM, Plenaries; Theme: The Work of Constructive Muslim Theology in the 21st Century, Mahjabeen Dhala; Grand Hyatt-Texas Ballroom, Salon AB (4th Floor) 
  • 1-3:30 PM, SBL Biblical Literature and the Hermeneutics of Trauma, Theme: (Presentation) Traps and Triggers: A Trauma-Informed Biblical Studies Classroom and Open Session, LeAnn Flesher (BST), presiding, CC-006D  
  • 3-4 PM, Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion Unit; Theme: Decentralizing the Philosophical Inquiry into Religion; Purushottama Bilimoria, Presiding; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 304B (Ballroom Level) 

Tuesday (11/21) 

  • 8:30-10:30 AM, Study of Islam Unit; Theme: Studying Islam in a Material World, Zeinab Vessal, Siyah-Poushan: the Black Covering Ritual of Shia with Muharram Banners; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 303C (Ballroom Level) 
  • 9-11:30 AM, SBL Bible and Popular Culture, Theme: (Presentation) The Future of Bible and Popular Culture, Eric Sias (BST), respondent. CC-305
  • 9-11:30 AM, Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible Section; Rebecca Esterson, Presiding; San Antonio Convention Center - 304A (Ballroom Level) 
  • 10:30 AM-12 PM, Women and Religion Unit; Theme: Contesting Patriarchy: Diverse Global Perspectives Then and Now, Yanan Lu, The Contributions of Chinese Christian Women to the Feminist Discourse in China From 1912 to 1949; San Antonio Convention Center-Room 005 (River Level)