CIS News - March 2024

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Center for Islamic Studies

CIS News for March 2024

The Center for Islamic Studies congratulates and is delighted to share that the following students have received grants for their research as part of the CIS IDCL Grounded Knowledge Project: Muslims in the Bay Area: Leading, Bridging and Belonging. The CIS also gratefully acknowledges Safiyyah Kent Alsabri, GTU doctoral student and IDCL Project Associate, for all her work in coordinating the project. For more information about the project and research presentation dates, please contact and visit:

  • Nosizwe Breaux-Abdur-Rahman
    Research Project: Islam/Muslims from Senegambia to the Americas
  • Jibreel Delgado
    Research Project: The African Roots of Muslim Pan-American Literature and Arts
  • Paula Thompson
    Research Project: Surveillance of Muslims: An Interdisciplinary Analysis


The CIS congratulates and is delighted to share the wonderful achievements of the following students, visiting scholars and faculty:

Jibreel Delgado, GTU doctoralstudent

Raya Hazini, GTU MA student in Interreligious Studies with a focus on Islam and Bahá’í Studies

  • Presenting "Working Together for Peace within Our One Planet, One Humanity," at the upcoming AAR Western Regional Conference at UNLV, Ethics Unit

Sundiata Al Rashid, GTU PhD student and Amir of Lighthouse Mosque

  • For his leadership in bridging academia with larger communities, and for the public events during Black History Month and beyond

Sarah Mohr, CIS/GTU visiting scholar

Carol Bier, CIS/GTU Research Scholar

  • Entry for a volume commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Textile Museum in Washington, DC, where she served as curator for Eastern Hemisphere Collections from 1984-2001 and as Research Associate since then

  • Her seminar on hazarbaf (Persian, "thousand weaves"), a style of early Islamic architectural ornament, examining the square grid-based patterns on early Qarakhanid monuments.

Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Director of the Madrasa-Midrasha Program at the GTU

  • Published her book Feminist Theology and Social Justice in Islam: A Study on the Sermon of Fatima. Cambridge University Press, 2024.
  • Dr. Celene Ibrahim and Dr. Mahjabeen Dhala will be leading a community Qur’an session at the Islamic Center of Zahra in Pleasanton on March 8th at 7pm


Ramadan Mubarak (~March 11-April 10) to all those observing the holy month. For various resources and online programs, please visit CIS/GTU webpages for details.