2011-12 Newhall Fellows

Project Student Faculty

Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora

Bernard Kwame Assenyoh

Eduardo C. Fernandez

Elementary Biblical Hebrew I and II

Joel Brown

Biblical Studies convener

Marriage and Family

Maureen Day

Lisa Fullam

Contemporary Theory in Christian Social Ethics

Kresten Froistad

Carol Robb

Reading Old Testament Biblical Characters

Corinna Y. Guerrero

LeAnn Snow

The "Aunt-Niece" Model of Literary Transmission in Jewish American Literature

Shaina Hammerman

Naomi Seidman

Teaching and Ministry in Catholic High Schools

Katherine C. Hennessey

Lisa Fullam

Teaching Religion and Theology

Elizabeth Ingenthron

Judith Berling

Christ and Indigenous Culture: From Classical to Indigenous Christology

Wandahilin Kharlukhi

Thomas Cattoi

Eschatology and Cosmology

Junghyung Kim

Robert Russell and Ted Peters

History of Christianity in Korea

Jihoon Lee

Randi Walker

Comparative Theology as Spiritual Disciple

Daniel London

Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski

Christian Iconography

Hollis Anne Mitchem

Michael Morris

Environmental Ethics: Focus on Indigenous People

Chaitanya Motupalli

Carol Robb

Mariology: Ancient and Modern

Jennifer Owens

Thomas Cattoi

Passion in God: The Question of Divine Suffering and Affectivity

Matt C. Paulson

Michael Dodds

Sin, Evil, and Suffering: Theological Perspectives and Performative/Practical Responses

Malik Jo David Sales

Marion Grau

Introduction to Pastoral Care

Shijung Shim

Herbert Anderson

Grace, Free Will, and Science

Alan Weissenbacher

Ted Peters

Foundational Social Theory

Jaime Wright

Jerome Baggett

Interreligious Dialogue: St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises and Theravada Buddhist Meditation

Daeseop Yi

Elizabeth Liebert

East/West: The Sacred in Global Art

Erin Zion

Michael Morris