2010-11 Newhall Fellows

Project Student Faculty

War and Peace in the New Testament

Peter Claver Ajer

Jean-Francois Racine

Womanist Conversations with Octavia Butler, Toni Morrison, Edwidge Danticat

Richetta Amen and Vanessa Hawkins

Steed Davidson

Sociology of Religion and Film: Analysis and Pedagogy

Wendy Arce

Jerome Baggett

Reading the Gospel of Matthew: Methods and Meanings

Yonghan Chung

Eugene Park

Inculturation and the Arts

Rebecca Berru Davis

Eduardo Fernandez

Ethics, Law and Politics

Christopher Harrison

William O'Neill

Christ and Indigenous Culture: From Classical to Indigenous Christology

Wandahilin Kharluki

Thomas Cattoi

Theology of Hope — Then and Now

Junghyung Kim

Ted Peters

The Hermeneutics of Paul Ricoeur

Young Won Kim

Richard Schenk

Native Theologies and Ministry in the Americas

Carmen Landsdowne and Nicanor Sarmiento

Eduardo Fernandez

The Spirit of God and the Society of Women: The Painted (Mostly) World of Women Artists from the Renaissance through the Modern and Contemporary Eras

April Lynch

Alex Garcia-Rivera (Anselm Ramelow)

Sexual Education: Theory and Practice for Leaders in Spiritual Communities

Katia Moles

Boyung Lee

Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Theories of Distributive Justice

Chaitanya Motupalli

Carol Robb

Christian Theology and Natural Science

Adam Pryor

Robert Russell

Modern Jewish Perspectives on Jesus

Alan Shore

Naomi Seidman

Intercultural Cooperation between Chinese and Western Women in the Turbulent Years: An Investigation of the Role of the Chinese YWCA in the International Ecumenical Movement 1921-1949

Wai Yin Christina Wong

Philip Wickeri

Salvation and Ethics in the Patristic Tradition

Ann Woods

John Klentos

Analysis of Hajji Bektash-I Veli

Hatice Yildiz

Ibrahim Farajajé

Foundational Course for Certificate in Asian and Oceanic Cultures and Faith Traditions

Lai Shan Yip

Jeffrey Kuan

Relics, Reliquaries and Memories of the Dead

Erin Zion

Michael Morris