Womanist Symposium - "But Who Do They Say I Am?"

Saturday, January 12th 2013, 8:00am to 3:30pm

McGee Avenue Baptist Church, 1640 Stuart Street, Berkeley

The Womanist Symposium's Mission Statement is to be a prophetic voice, concerned about the entire African American community. The central point is to equip and energize Black women to become knowledgeable and confident in expressing their lived experiences, and Christian faith tradition by challenging all oppressive forces that impede the freedom of Black women to live positively and productively.

Plenary Sessions

  •  “Media Madness” will bring to light how the media has a history of stereotyping African American women negatively, resulting in a misrepresentation in the ways Black women are perceived by America. The depictions of Black women in the media as domestics, Jezebels, welfare queens and hypersexual beings serves to perpetuate a long standing history that casts Black women negatively. The invited scholars will use a womanist approach to counter these depictions through the praxis of responsibility and action. (Presenters:  Dr. Joi Carr, Pepperdine University professor, and Margaret B. Wilkerson, University of California, Berkeley, professor emeriti)  
  • “My Mama’s Shoes Don’t Fit My Feet” will discuss the intergenerational divide. Black youth/young adults grow up in a pop culture society. Yet, they stand on the shoulders of their ancestors without the lived experiences of the struggles for equal human rights during the Jim Crow era. Many of the older generation feel there is a lack of appreciation for the struggle that opened the doors. What is a womanist approach to building a bridge between the generations? (Presenter: Dr. Jacqueline Thompson; Respondents: Angelina Graham, psychologist, and Vivian Wells, American Baptist Seminary of the West student)

Organizer: Martha C. Taylor, Adjunct Professor, San Francisco Theological Seminary

Sponsored by the Black Church/Africana Religious Studies program

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