Spiritual Care, Resilience, and Community

Friday, March 27th 2020, 12:00pm
Online Event, 2400 Ridge Rd Berkeley, CA 94709

In this online event, Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, Director of the Interreligious Chaplaincy Program at the GTU, will present on spiritual care, resilience, and community in these days of uncertainty. You'll find links to both a video presentation and blog entry from him on our website after noon PST on March 27, 2020. Return each Friday for a presentation from a different GTU scholar as part of our series, "Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership for Our Times: Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Faith, Resilience, Culture, and Community in an Age of Uncertainty." 

Participate live on Zoom on March 27 at noon PST: https://gtu.zoom.us/j/3288611370

Read Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh's Reflection here.

This event is online only