CLGS: "Gender: A Spectrum or an Angle of Deviation?" with Fran Benjamin and Monique Cadle. A CLGS Jewish Queeries Series Event

Thursday, March 3rd 2022, 1:00pm to 2:15pm
ONLINE | See Zoom Information Below to Join This ONLINE CLGS Event! , 1798 Scenic Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709

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In this online CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event, Fran Benjamin (he/she/they) and Monique Cadle (she/her) of Good Works Consulting will host a chat on gender, diversity and queerness, and their relationship to art, business, spirituality, and to their lives.  Fran, a queer, nonbinary, Jewish drag queen and consultant and Mo, a queer, first generation, Black woman, athlete and consultant hope you’ll join them for a little kiki that opens hearts and breaks molds.

Monique Cadle: For the last 13 years, Monique (she/her) has helped people and organizations thrive through her work in management consulting, people operations, as well as non-profit management across sectors and industries. It’s Monique’s belief that without cultivating genuine honesty, respect, and understanding, individuals and organizations limit their potential. She proudly occupies space as a first generation, queer Black woman and has made it her life’s work to advocate, establish, and grow inclusive environments. She is called to the work of building connection and breakthroughs across disparate groups.

Fran Benjamin: Fran (he/she/they) has navigated the executive ranks as a non-binary queer person and utilizes this unique experience, combined with leading-edge research and practical industry expertise, to advise clients to successfully traverse the complexities of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging throughout their organizations. As a white person, Fran is committed to the work of antiracism while challenging and troubling her own position of power and privilege. In the midst of their corporate career, Fran also spent time in the Middle East working in conflict resolution, peace, and reconciliation—an experience that still informs his approach to inclusive leadership and human interaction. When not advising and consulting, Fran spends time exploring the Bay Area with their rabbi husband and daughter, or by bringing beauty to the world as a performer, vocalist, and visual artist.