Faculty Experts | Religion and Society

Our faculty offer expertise on the place of religion, spirituality, and theology in society and everyday life, across the world’s sacred traditions.

Scott MacDougall

Topics of Interest: Anglicanism, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Systematic Theology, and Embodiment & Sexuality

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

Topics of Interest: The climate crisis as related to race and class, Theo-ethical inquiry into economic globalization, Theo-ethical inquiry into moral agency and hope, The ethical implications of resurrection and incarnation, Faith-based resistance to systemic injustice, & Earth ethics as the intersection of social justice and ecological well-being

Moses Penumaka

Topics of Interest: Race, Gender & Status, Theological Education in the ELCA, Martin Luther, the Reformation, & Asian Theology

Sam Shonkoff

Topics of Interest: German-Jewish thought, Hasidism and Neo-Hasidism, Philosophy of religion, Jewish hermeneutics, & Formulations of dynamics between corporeality and spirituality

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