Faculty Experts | Arts & Religion

Our scholars offer robust expertise at the intersection between world religions and the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and literature.

Kathryn Barush

Topics of Interest: History of Art and Architecture, Material Culture of Religion & Pilgrimage Studies

Dr. Barush takes an interdisciplinary approach to art history and is especially interested in expressions of belief across a number of religious traditions.

Elizabeth Peña

Topics of Interest: Material Culture, Museum Collections & Cultural Heritage

As an archaeologist, arts administrator, and museum professional, Dr. Peña has directed archaeological field projects, managed academic departments, served as museum curator, undertaken a wide range of museum consulting projects, and participated in review panels for federal funding agencies and professional organizations.

Christopher J. Renz, OP

Topics of Interest: Connatural knowledge and creative intuition in art and poetry, poetry & mysticism, & Catholic worship and culture


Devin Zuber

Topics of Interest: Environmental Literature and Ecocriticism, Religion & Literature, Romanticism, Aesthetics, Emanuel Swedenborg, & Western Esotericism and New Religious Movements

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