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Academic & Administrative Calendars (2022-2024)
This page lists the most essential academic and administrative dates for the next two years, and provides links to other relevant calendar information including the extended calendar for the GTU and its member schools (PDF); a list of registration dates for the GTU and its partners; PDFs of the academic calendars for each year, the GTU public events calendar, and a schedule of worship/chapel opportunites across the GTU consortium.

Scheduling information for Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

During the 2023-24 academic year, classes taught by GTU rostered and in-residence faculty, adjuncts, and Newhall Fellows and by its centers and affiliates will be presented through in-person classes or via fully remote modalities. 

Courses specifically designed for online delivery (those coded with an 8000 number) will be offered asynchronously; all others will meet synchronously (in-person or through the concurrent hybrid option) according to the days and times appearing in the Online Course Schedule. All in-person classes will meet in the Hewlett Building. 

Please note that to enroll in an in-person class, students must submit verification of COVID-19 vaccination to

Though many consortial COVID-19 mitigation measures have ended, relevant information for member school classes is available below:

CDSP: CDSP is a vaccinated community. All individuals who seek to be on campus must provide proof of vaccination, including boosters prior to arriving on campus. For individuals who have been instructed by a medical professional to not receive a vaccination due to a medical condition, a note from the medical professional must be provided stating this need (but not disclosing the underlying medical condition). The unvaccinated individual must wear a mask at all times when indoors, and when less than six feet apart from others when outside. 

For information about courses offered by DSPT, click here.

IBS: IBS no longer requests vaccination records and mask-wearing is optional. There is a sign-in book at the entrance to the Jodo Shinshu Center, which the building management requires.

For information about courses offered by PLTS, click here.

For information about courses offered by PSR, click here.

For information about courses offered by SFTS, click here.


Registration Dates (2023-2024)
Course Schedule & Registration
Key to Course Numbers
Classroom Locations
2023-2024 Registration Information and Instructions (PDF)
Cross-Registration Instructions: UC Berkeley
Cross-Registration Instructions: Dominican University & Mills College
Registering for an SRC (Special Reading Course)

Downloadable Forms

Forms for Students
Forms for Faculty (including Course Scheduling forms)

ID/Library Cards

Obtaining a New or Replacement ID/Library card

Transcripts (GTU only)

Transcript Request Instructions & Form

Student Data Form

Student Data form (PDF)

Policy Statements

Consortial Registration Policies
GTU Doctoral Handbook
GTU MA Handbook
GTU/UC-Berkeley Cross-Registration Agreement
GTU/Dominican University Cross-Registration Agreement
GTU/Mills College Cross-Registration Agreement
GTU Tuition Refund Policy
Handicapped Access
Religious Holidays
Campus Safety & Crime Report
Mandatory Drug-Free Notification
Emergency Procedures
Credit Units/Hours Policy (PDF)
Registration, Library, and Photo ID Policies for Affiliate Students and Faculty

A list of member school registrars can be found here.

For further information, contact John Seal, Consortial Registrar (510/649-2462).