Faculty Experts | Spiritual Care, Contemplative Practices, and Ritual

Drawing from robust wisdom traditions from around the world, the following GTU faculty can speak to the ways in which spiritual care is offering holistic health and wellbeing in a variety of contemporary contexts. 

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh

Topics of Interest: Practical Theology, Ethics of End-of-Life, Spiritual Care, Islamic Law and Ethics, & Interfaith Relations and Dialogue

Shauna Hannan

Topics of Interest: Preaching as a Ministry of the Whole Congregation, Preaching the Psalms, Preaching Public Issues, Latin American Homiletical Pedagogy, Theology and Film, & Short Story Fiction for Preachers

Christopher J. Renz, OP

Topics of Interest: Religion, Spirituality (R/S) and Health Studies, Connatural knowledge and creative intuition in art and poetry, Poetry & mysticism, & Catholic worship and culture

Sam Shonkoff

Topics of Interest: German-Jewish thought, Hasidism and Neo-Hasidism, Philosophy of religion, Jewish hermeneutics, & Formulations of dynamics between corporeality and spirituality

Other Faculty Experts in Spiritual Care, Contemplative Practices, and Ritual

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