Faculty Experts | Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Threats to our planet's ecosystem and its natural resources are rising at an alarming rate, and their negative impacts disproportionately affect marginalized populations. The ethics of climate change, water conservation, sustainability, and more are all matters of ecological justice that the following GTU faculty can speak into as experts in the field.

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

Topics of Interest: The climate crisis as related to race and class, theo-ethical inquiry into economic globalization, theo-ethical inquiry into moral agency and hope, the ethical implications of resurrection and incarnation, faith-based resistance to systemic injustice, & Earth ethics as the intersection of social justice and ecological well-being.

Rita Sherma

Topics of Interest: Hindu Theology & Ethics, Religion & Ethics of Sustainability, Theory & Method, Feminine Divine (Hinduism), Theory & Method, Comparative & Interreligious Studies

Devin Zuber

Topics of Interest: Environmental Literature & Ecocriticism, Romanticism, Aesthetics, Religion & Literature, Emanuel Swedenborg, and Western Esotericism & New Religious Movements

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